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TikTok star Tinx apologises for resurfaced fatphobic and pro-Trump tweets

‘I’m a work in progress’

“TikTok’s big sister” Tinx – real name Christina Najjar – has apologised for resurfaced fatphobic, racist and pro-Tory tweets.

The influencer’s old social media posts were pulled up by journalist Sophie Ross on Substack. The newsletter, titled “We Need To Talk About Tinx’s Old Tweets,” revealed Najjar had called Kim Kardashian “so fat I don’t know what to do with myself.” She also branded actress Tori Spelling “ugly and nasty.”

Fans of the TikToker have turned since the tweets were re-shared; with one person saying “Tinx is a rich sorority mean girl pretending to be nice, it was only a matter of time.”

Najjar was raised in the UK and the US – and often tweeted in support of Theresa May, Boris Johnson and Donald Trump.

“Come on Boris Johnson you can do this big man,” one of her retweets from June 2020 read.

“I love it when the left think they’ve got a new devastating attack on Boris Johnson,” said another. “And then he just gets more popular.”

In a statement posted on Instagram yesterday (25th April), Najjar said: “I always say if you’re not cringing at yourself a year ago you aren’t growing… I’m beyond embarrassed and I want to take accountability.

“Guys I fucked up and I’m going to own it and be direct with you… About 10 years ago I sent some truly nasty, mean, horrible tweets. I called people that I had never met fat, pathetic and ugly. I even called Kim Kardashian fat which is ironic considering she is my number one idol and person I look up to.

“When I read the tweets back I am ashamed and embarrassed. They are mean spirited and I am not mean spirited – but I used to be… I was 21 and deeply, deeply insecure. I hated myself and had a bad relationship with my body. I was also extremely lost… Hurt people hurt people and I know my words caused hurt… I am a work in progress.”

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Najjar has limited comments on her apology post. A few people have sent words of encouragement her way: “Love you and I am so incredibly impressed with the woman you have become,” one person said.

Others pointed out some of the tweets – including one which called journalist Ken Klippenstein’s wife “ugly” – were sent in 2020.

“So you’re standing by your shit from 2020? Gotta gooooo” one person commented.

“Please address the two year old pro-Trump, pro-Boris tweets” said another.

The Tab has reached out to Tinx’s representatives for comment. 

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