The Ultimatum wild moments

The Ultimatum is Netflix’s most unhinged show by far and these moments prove it

I hate how much I love it

The Ultimatum is batshit crazy and it wouldn’t be crazy to suggest Netflix producers have maybe taken things a liiiiiiittle bit too far this time. To describe The Ultimatum in one word I’d have to say: deranged. There were several moments throughout the series that just screamed “unhinged” and of course I am going to take you through them.

It takes a specific type of person, or couple, to put themselves through any kind of show hosted by love gurus Nick and Vanessa Lachey. But that being said, The Ultimatum is genuinely more hellish than Love Is Blind and that is saying something. Here’s a rundown of the most wild moments from The Ultimatum season one.

1. The Ultimatum is full of wild moments because the concept is messy

Okay before we get into the nitty gritty details. Let’s just be real for a second: this show is pretty messed up. It forces couples to break up and date new people in front of each other and then go on to live with a stranger for three whole weeks. Then they throw the original couple back together before making them choose between marrying one another or going their separate ways. Was this show developed in the Netflix writers or the fiery pits of hell??

2. Nick and Vanessa saying how they got together

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You don’t just wake up one day and become a love guru, I get that. But after hearing how Nick and Vanessa Lachey got together, I no longer think anyone should be taking their relationship advice.

3. Rae offers the ultimatum but asks to skip the question about why she loves Zay

I just didn’t understand this! If you’re so desperate to marry someone then surely you can reel off loads of answers about why you love them??

4. Jake says he wants to date around

The Ultimatum wild moments

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If you watched season two of Love Is Blind then I’d probably shove Jake and Shake in the same category – red flag central.

5. Alexis has many issues but makes great TV

I’ve never seen someone with so much determination. Alexis was POSITIVE that Colby was her ideal partner for the first marriage trial – she really wanted him. But he didn’t have the same vibe and when he told her she just went wild. She cried to his original partner Madlyn and said she can do “so much better” than him and then proceeded to sink a shot back – iconic behaviour. She had two conversations with the man!! Who can blame him for not developing feelings strong enough to allow him to live with Alexis for three weeks?

6. Colby said he doesn’t think about Madlyn when he’s with Lauren

The Ultimatum had so many wild moments but this was so messed up. Colby told Lauren that when he’s with her, he doesn’t think about Madlyn whatsoever.

7. Hunter realises he wants to marry Alexis

The Ultimatum wild moments

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When Hunter proposed to Alexis, Nick and Vanessa Lachey looked so distressed and I genuinely think it’s because they knew they were losing one of their most chaotic and funny couples behind. Anyway, Hunter said one week of dating around was enough time for him to realise Alexis is all he wants so yep, he got down on one knee and they then left the experiment. At this point I thought The Ultimatum couldn’t have any more wild moments but Alexis kept on talking.

8. Alexis told everyone she doesn’t think Colby is a good person

Straight up, Alexis told everyone she didn’t think Colby was a good person. She also said he said she was unattractive when…that’s just not what happened. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: she makes incredible TV.

9. Nate and Lauren’s entire proposal was…weird

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Lauren always said she didn’t want children and Nate focussed his attention on women who wanted to be mothers. He spent the whole choice ceremony bouncing between which women he was going to date and lying about who his first choice was after being rejected three times. Now instead of being rejected and moving on with it, he proposed to Lauren which stopped Colby from picking her.

What was weird though was Lauren said YES??? Everyone else at the table was shook to the very core. April was very distressed – she even called Nate out for sexualising her on their dates. She then questioned why they were taking part in the experiment if they weren’t addressing the core issue of their relationship: fighting over having children. Lauren and Nate then left the show without resolving any of their issues – chaos.

10. Madlyn telling Rae she should be with Jake right in front of April

This was so savage.

11. They all said what sexual activity went down

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During their trial marriages, everyone revealed what sexual activity was going on with their new partners in front of their old ones. I think it’s wild that this was allowed. Two words: emotional trauma.

12. Colby starts to show big red flags on the night out

The boy’s night out was never going to go down well, was it? Colby (who was dating April at this point) told the other guys that Zay encouraged a woman to come up to him and kiss him in the club one night. Zay then got upset and made it clear to Jake and Randall that Colby was blaming his own actions on him.

13. The producers allowed the trial couples to return to one another when drunk

I think this was a chaotic choice, surely they should have been sober before reuniting?

14. April went on Jake’s phone behind his back

So at this point the couples had changed back over and it was very toxic given the amount of fighting that went down. April went through Jake’s phone behind his back and airdropped herself videos Jake took of Rae dancing at a club. She then accused him of cheating and seemed to forget what show she was on.

15. Colby waves a huge red flag

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He consistently avoided taking responsibility for his actions and blamed everyone else other than himself. Even when Madlyn found out Colby had been in constant conversation with a woman he’d met in the club he said he was in an open relationship so it was okay.

Colby then said he wasn’t connecting with April so had to find someone to date. He then said Madlyn “forced” him into acting the way he was. He got angry at her for forming a connection with Randall even though Colby was the one who issued the ultimatum and put them both onto the show in the first place. Not a good vibe and actually pretty sad to watch.

16. April suggests she could be pregnant with Jake’s baby

In front of Rae, who had formed a deep connection with Jake, April says she’s getting an ultrasound because she might be pregnant with Jake’s baby – CHAOS.

17. Um, Madlyn is PREGNANT?

Seriously I thought they all hated each other? Madlyn announced at the reunion that she was pregnant with Colby’s baby and I am shook to the very core.

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