bridgerton sex scenes cut

So, a bunch of sex scenes were cut from Bridgerton season two

I just wanna know who thought this was a good idea

A number of sex scenes from Bridgerton season two were cut from the final show, said the show’s intimacy co-ordinator Lizzy Talbot.

In an interview with Glamour, Lizzy said they always film more sex scenes than they need to and addressed the lack of sex scenes in comparison to the first season.

She said: “It was the same in season one. There were loads of scenes that didn’t make it. We always do more than we need to so there are many options in the edit. I think that that’s a really important thing.

“I know people have been frustrated that there haven’t been more [sex scenes], but part of it is that we want to give our absolute best.”

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When asked why certain scenes didn’t make it and we missed out on more opportunities to see Kate and Anthony get it on, Lizzy said they are often removed because they don’t work with the narrative.

She said: “I don’t know if it’s a difference between the quality, but it’s probably more of what they’re looking for narratively. Making sure that the choices we are showing fit how the narrative is moving. And obviously in giving a wide range, you’ve got more to pick from. So it’s not necessarily that one might be much higher-quality than the other. It’s just that one might tell the story in the way they’re looking for.”

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Lizzy explained they were going for a different feel to the first season in terms of the intimacy displayed on screen which explains why there were less sex scenes than season one.

“In season one, we had Daphne’s journey of discovery. Whereas, in this season, it was going to be about enemies-to-lovers, the intense buildup, and the space between,” she said.

The most intense sex scene we got to see this season was definitely between Kate and Anthony in the garden, when they finally give into their desire for each other. Lizzy revealed to Glamour the scene took two days to shoot and it was great working with Simone Ashley and Jonathan Bailey who play Kate and Anthony.

She said: “Working with Johnny Bailey, that’s always so much fun. He brings such a wonderful balance of lightness and experience into the room. Obviously, we’ve worked together before – we had extensive scenes in season one – so it’s easy to get into the groove with him. Simone just jumped right in too, which is wonderful.”

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