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The Apprentice love lives: Who are the candidates dating outside the show?

Which two candidates are rumoured to be seeing each other?

The Apprentice final airs tonight (24th March) after weeks of failed products, flimsy business plans and iconic green-and-brown logos. Naturally, the thirst-levels were very real for some of this year’s candidates – from Conor’s charm to Nick’s humour, it’s pretty safe to say I’ve been developing some hard crushes over the last 11 weeks.

Most of the candidates have played their romance cards VERY close to their chests, making way for some spicy press rumours. While two co-stars in particular have reportedly “hooked up,” others have settled down into marriages, engagements and one 10-year long relationship.

So, just who exactly are The Apprentice candidates dating? Let’s take a deep dive into their love lives:

Brittany Carter

Relationship status: Seemingly single

Brittany and fellow fired candidate Nick Showering have recently found themselves at the centre of dating rumours, after The Sun reported the pair had “grown close.” A photo also leaked of the two arm-in-arm during a night out.

During filming, the 25-year-old hotel manager allegedly split up with her long-term boyfriend. After losing out to Kathryn and Harpreet in the semi-final, Brittany told outlets she was just “really, really good friends” with Nick.

Harpreet Kaur

Relationship status: Single

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Harpreet is a self-professed “girlboss” who doesn’t need a partner, thanks very much. Her dessert business is thriving, what more could a person want?

Kathryn Burn

Relationship status: Single

According to reports, finalist Kathryn was seeing a guy called Rob back in 2019 – and even spent the year travelling the world together. As of 2022, it seems all traces of him have been deleted from her Instagram account, and the candidate can instead be seen living her best single life.

Aaron Willis

Relationship status: Married

38-year-old Aaron has one daughter from a previous relationship, as well as a stepson with his current wife. The security company owner is married to a teacher named Vicky, who leads sensory classes for babies. Cute!!

Akshay Thakrar

Relationship status: Single

Social media isn’t everything, but it appears, from a quick deep-dive of Akshay’s accounts, that there’s no partner on the scene currently. I might start a fanclub though…?

Amy Anzel

Relationship status: Appears to be single

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She had a controversial run on this year’s Apprentice, and it appears Amy is currently single. The Hollywood Browzer owner was also allegedly barred from attending the final this year.

Conor Gilsenan

Relationship status: Engaged

Sure, he was fired in week two – but how could I *not* include the people’s prince in this list? Devastatingly, Conor is currently engaged to his long-term girlfriend, Megan. The couple seem incredibly in love, judging by the bar-owner’s Instagram posts, and we wish them all the best. (Gutted).

Stephanie Affleck

Relationship status: Appears to be single

Stephanie appears to have kept in touch with co-stars Brittany, Harpreet and Kathryn. For the moment, though, she appears to be single. She regularly posts cute photos with her dad on Instagram, though, which is much more lovely.

Francesca Kennedy-Wallbank

Relationship status: In a relationship

Leading the candidates with perhaps the sweetest love story so far, 26-year-old Francesca has been with her boyfriend since they were 17. In a Valentine’s Day-related Instagram caption, she wrote: “We were 17 when we met on a biology trip but now there’s more chemistry between us.” Love this for them.

Akeem Bundu-Kamara

Relationship status: Single

Having been fired alongside Aaron the week before the interviews, Akeem had a pretty good run on the show. He seems to be single at the moment, but he clearly has a great circle of friends and family around him.

Nick Showering

Relationship status: Seemingly single

While it seems Nick isn’t dating anyone at the moment, he also fell victim to reports he was “hooking up” with co-star, Brittany. A representative for Brittany told The Daily Mail: “Brittany has confirmed that there is no truth in her hooking up with co-star, Nick Showering.

“The pair had nothing but a close friendship, alongside many other candidates in the series, and to imply otherwise would be false.”

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