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The Apprentice’s Brittany Carter has responded to Nick Showering dating rumours

Reports suggested the pair had ‘hit it off’

The Apprentice finalist Brittany Carter has reacted to rumours claiming she’d “grown close” with co-candidate Nick Showering.

After she was pictured with the 31-year-old finance manager on a night out, viewers suspected there was something going on between the pair. Insiders even went as far as to claim the 25-year-old hotel manager split with her long-term boyfriend during filming of the show last year.

According to one source: “Everyone is talking about it and they make a cute couple.” But, after last night’s (17th March) episode aired, Brittany addressed the claims in an interview with The Sun.

“We’re really, really good friends,” the star said. “There’s no romance there, despite what people think. We’re really close. Nick was one of the people I spent the most time with in the house because we just vibe off each other so well.”

She insisted, “he’s so funny, and I think I‘m really funny, so we get on so well together… But it’s just a friendship, to set the record straight.”

Brittany also opened up to The Sun about her high-pressure interviews with Claude Littner, Mike Soutar and Linda Plant: “I feel like because I knew what the interviews were going to be like I almost got in my head about what lay ahead.”

According to production insiders, candidates are effectively under a total sex ban as soon as they move into the house. Rooms are split between men and women, and strictly no romances are allowed. Candidates are also banned from having contact with the outside world.

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