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Dr Alex George allegedly cheated on his ex-girlfriend with a medical student

She leaked screenshots of their DMs on TikTok

Dr Alex George reportedly cheated on another ex-girlfriend a year before his relationship with Ellie Hecht, according to The Sun.

Just days ago (28th February), claims emerged about him allegedly cheating on Ellie “four times.” The mental health ambassador then posted a cryptic message on his Instagram story, urging followers not to “judge situations you do not understand.”

Before beginning a relationship with Ellie, Dr Alex was dating actress and social media star Amelia Bath. During this time, he supposedly asked for the number of a medical student, who opened up about her experience on TikTok.

In a now-deleted video, the woman shared partially-blurred screenshots of the Love Island star seemingly asking for her number. According to her, the messages were sent in 2020.

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In the TikTok, she wrote: “While no-one believes Dr Alex cheated on his gf but you defiantly do because he was in your DMs during his relationship before Ellie.”

The Sun also added they’ve seen screenshots of communications between Dr Alex and various different women. This comes after he was accused of sexting multiple people during his relationship with Ellie.

An insider told the outlet she’d been left homeless and become the sole owner of their newly-bought dog. They insisted he hadn’t “slept with anyone else,” but the barrister clerk is struggling to believe him.

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Dr Alex split from Ibiza Weekender star Amelia in 2020, citing Covid as the reason for their split. They claimed the pandemic – and ongoing restrictions – made it difficult to see each other.

The Tab has contacted Dr Alex George for comment. 

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