The parents were the best bit of Love Is Blind season two and these reactions prove it

Natalie’s dad has my whole heart

Love Is Blind season two is all-but over, save for the reunion show coming this Friday where we FINALLY get to find out who is still together, all these months after the weddings. This season has given us engagements, break-ups and so much of the classic Love Is Blind drama, but you know what the best part of the whole thing was? The Love Is Blind parents. They were iconic, supportive, and the whole world has pretty much fallen in love with them.

Here’s why the parents were the absolute shining stars of Love Is Blind season two:

Natalie literally said ‘I don’t’ to Shayne because she realised how much her dad loves her

First up we have Natalie’s dad, who has made the whole world ask if he can now be our dad too. Whilst Natalie was getting ready he told her: “Of all the things I’ve done in my life, being your dad is my greatest achievement” and told her how happy she makes him – there was not a dry eye in the house.

Then Natalie says she doesn’t want to marry Shayne, and it’s partly because she compared him to her dad and how much he loves her. Natalie says that she’d been sure she was going to marry Shayne until he said hurtful things in their fight. Walking down the aisle, she realised how safe and happy her dad makes her feel, how he always puts her first and she trusts him fully. “And I realised I just don’t have those same feelings any more for Shayne”, she says.

Natalie’s mum was just as iconic, too. This look she gave Shayne’s mum before the wedding began honestly gave me chills. Imagine being on the receiving end of that, I’d just drop dead immediately. She knew what was up from the moment she met Shayne, I’m convinced of it.


Deepti’s parents were so supportive

After Deepti said no to Shake, the chat she had with her mum literally brought Netflix viewers to tears. Deepti told her mum she’d chosen herself, to which her mum replied: “I know, I’m so proud of you”. She said all she wanted was for Deepti to be happy, and called Deeps her “brave girl”. Cue floods of tears around the world. It was edited in amongst clips of Shake being, for want of a better word, a knob – which only reaffirmed how much of a red flag he is and how Deepti deserved better.

And who could forget Deepti’s dad softly telling the whole world the exact time (7:52) he and his wife got married? Sobbing.

Shake’s mum literally told him he was shit lol

Okay so this wasn’t in the Love Is Blind weddings finale episode, but Shake’s mum telling him exactly what’s what was one of the highlights of the entire season. After she met Deepti and spoke to Shake about it, she told Shake Deepti could find someone who really loves her and is a “wonderful person” who “doesn’t deserve someone who gives her even half a per cent less”. Queen x

Shake is pretty much just a walking, talking, male embodiment of a red flag – even his mum knows it. If anyone deserved to be left at the Love Is Blind altar, it was Shake after everything he’d put Deepti through. She deserved one million times better.

Two words: Jarrette’s dad 😭

The fact he wanted to officiate his son’s ceremony was the sweetest thing ever. Just look at how happy he was standing up there:

I’m just in love with Iyanna’s mum

She just had so many iconic lines, like when she offered to fight anybody Iyanna told her to. And when she turned Iyanna’s dad and said “it better be” when Jarrette’s dad asked if “love is truly blind” during the ceremony? Chef’s kiss. Both of Iyanna’s parents showed how much they love her and were so supportive the whole way through the series.

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