blair or serena quiz

Quiz: Let’s settle this once and for all, are you more like Blair or Serena?

Queen B forever

In the late 2000s there was no one who had more of an impact on teenage girls than Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf. The two Gossip Girl characters were our goddesses, icons and questionable fashion inspirations. And in all honesty, no TV character pairing will ever come close as providing me with such unlimited joy as Blair and Serena did. But of these two queens, who are you most like? It’s time to take our Blair or Serena quiz.

Whilst they are best friends, Blair and Serena could not be more different. Blair is a future CEO who is organised, intelligent and driven to her end goal, whether that’s Chuck, getting into Yale or taking Dan Humphrey down. Serena however is much more chill. She’ll have a beer and hang with the guys. She’s adventurous and a free spirit who, on occasion, could be considered a little selfish.

When watching the show everyone had their favourite of the two friends. However just because you prefer Serena that doesn’t actually mean you’re like her.

In order to find out if you’re more like Serena or Blair take our quiz here:

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