Ayleen Charlotte The Tinder Swindler

An ode to Ayleen Charlotte: The new queen of Netflix who swindled the Tinder Swindler

I need her to team up with Baudi Moovan for a crime fighting spin off immediately

Honestly, if you didn’t spend some part of your weekend lying hungover on your sofa under a blanket watching the new Netflix documentary film The Tinder Swindler, I don’t think you did the weekend right. The world and his wife tucked themselves in for the chaotic true crime ride that has had us all absolutely hooked on the chaotic web of lies that Simon Leviev was spinning as he robbed women he met from Tinder absolutely blind. But there was one woman who truly stole the show. One woman that reclaimed Simon Leviev’s (or Shimon Hayut – take your pick) crimes for her own in a delicious tirade of revenge. That woman is Ayleen Charlotte – the queen of The Tinder Swindler, the queen of Netflix and – most importantly – the queen of my heart.

Swindling the Swindler

Ayleen Charlotte met Simon Leviev like the rest of the unfortunate women who crossed his path – on Tinder. But unlike the other women, she found out about his swindling from the article that exposed him. Just as she was boarding a flight, Ayleen found out that her boyfriend wasn’t the person she thought he was. And what did she do next? She pulled off the best spree of revenge in documentary history, that’s what. Set to the wondrous tune of Deceptacon by Le Tigre, Ayleen delighted every viewer as we watched her sell Simon Leviev’s designer wardrobe and drain him for every penny he had.

Ayleen Charlotte The Tinder Swindler

Whilst queen Ayleen didn’t manage to get all the money back from the Tinder Swindler, she managed to strip him of not only his clothes, but his power. And she tipped off the police when he was getting on a flight – resulting in the authorities finally catching up with him and his crimes. So basically she did more than the police. The law starts and stops with Ayleen.

I’d come out to her

There’s a camp flair to Ayleen, this much is true. It’s her wry smile, her flair for drama with her plans and her commitment to reducing Simon Leviev to the fake King of Diamonds to the Homeless King. An orchestrated fall from grace pulled off without fault. An instant tick with the gays. It’s what she deserves.

We need her to team up with Baudi Moovan NOW

There’s always one icon that dominates a Netflix documentary, and no one has dominated more than Don’t Fuck With Cats’ breakout star Baudi Moovan, aka Deanna Thompson. Baudi’s expert work hunting down Luka Magnotta put her on the world map and made her instantly beloved. Ayleen Charlotte is following in Baudi’s iconic footsteps, even getting the approval from the armchair detective herself.

This is all the signs we need that Netflix need to bring these two legends together for a doc series where they hunt out criminals and basically do the police’s job for them. It is the definition of not a want, but a need.

Ayleen is Twitter’s new fave

If you want to know the extent of how much Ayleen Charlotte from The Tinder Swindler has captured the nation, just have a quick search of her name on Twitter.

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