Here’s what the famous whisk guy from Come Dine With Me is up to now

He charges £22 for a Cameo looool

Come Dine With Me is an iconic part of British culture and perhaps the most cherished moment of all time is when DJ Kev Riley shoved an entire whisk in his gob. It’s safe to say he’s a bit of a legend and a national treasure. But what has he been up to since his days of being a televised sensation? And does he still have the capability to place an entire kitchen utensil in his mouth? Here are the answers to all of your questions:

The whisk guy from Come Dine With Me is a DJ now

Kev is a popular DJ from Burnley and he calls himself the “Master of Ceremonies” because he enjoys “turning music into memories”. So if you’re looking for someone to hire for your next birthday bash or year six leavers’ disco then Kev is your man!! His Facebook page is actually quite impressive and he’s been rated 4.9 stars out of five which, as far as DJ ratings go, is pretty sick.

Come Dine With Me whisk guy

our hero, via Facebook

Kev’s still able to fit a whisk in his gob!!

via Cameo

In a Facebook post on his DJ page, he revealed that he was actually approached by Cameo and it wasn’t the other way round. He shared it to his page earlier this week and the comments are jokes. One person said they think of Kev every time they have a whisk in their hand and someone else said “Would love a birthday message” to which Kev savagely responded: “Pay then”.

His bio on Cameo says: “Just a regular northern lad , famous for putting a kitchen utensil in my mouth , whilst on primetime TV.”

He’s never made money from Come Dine With Me

In a podcast last year, Kev revealed his episode of Come Dine With Me really blew up but he’s “never made a penny out of it” and he doesn’t think Channel 4 have either. So get him booked and buy a Cameo – let’s help this icon make some bank!!

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