Plan your perfect Come Dine With Me evening and we’ll tell you if you’d win the £1000

Go hard or go home

There are lots of things people do to win their guests over on Come Dine With Me. Whether it’s convincing one of their mates to coyly step out with a guitar and then perform a far too enthusiastic rendition of a pub classic, or serving far too much wine to try and lure their guests into a drunken stupor, there’s practically a whole unwritten psychological rulebook in making your guests score you above an eight.

We’ve put together some resources that have collated all of the facts and figures, to make a quiz that will tell you exactly how well you’d do if you were to take part in the show with three others. So will you triumph in top place, or will you have all of the grace and decorum of a reversing dump truck without tyres?

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