Only a true Manchester Medlock student could get full marks on this Fresh Meat trivia quiz

Lol never forget when they found out Oregon had been a secret posho all along

Across four series of Fresh Meat we see Josie, Oregon, Vod, JP, Kingsley and Howard go from awkward freshers in their first term of university, to becoming fully-fledged adults and graduating. One of them even becomes the SU President! The housemates navigate sex, drugs, and uni seminars alike, all of them making a LOT of mistakes along the way. But how well do you actually remember the iconic series?

You definitely remember that Josie breaks the cardinal university rule and shits where she eats not once but many, many times, having on-off relationships with both JP and Kingsley. But do you remember who else Kingsley has relationships with in the series? Or what mishap gets Josie kicked off her dentistry course? Just how much of a secret posho really is Oregon?? And most importantly of all – do you even remember that everyone’s favourite Duke of Hastings, Regé-Jean Page is in the show for a couple of episodes???

Think you’ve got what it takes to live in the Fresh Meat house and become a bonafide student of Manchester Medlock with the gang? Take this Fresh Meat trivia quiz now to prove it:

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