This is how old the cast of Euphoria is compared to the characters they play

Alexa Demie who plays Maddy is 14 years older than her character

Euphoria is finally back on our screens after two long years, with new episodes dropping weekly. The series focuses on teenage life in a high school with heavy drug references, messy relationships and wild house parties. Featuring iconic outfits and makeup looks, and a brilliant soundtrack by UK legend Labrinth, it is no surprise that Euphoria is such a hit. 

Considering the heavy topics of the show, it’s no surprise that the actors playing these roles are a lot older than their character equivalents. 

Here are all the ages of the Euphoria cast in real life compared to the ages of the characters they play.

Zendaya – Rue Bennett

Age: 25

Hollywood It-Girl Zendaya was born in September 1996, compared to her character who was born in September 2001. Her character Rue, a recovering drug addict, is 17 in the show. 

Hunter Schafer – Jules Vaughn

Age: 23

Hunter Schafer was born in December 1998, making her 23. Her character Jules is 17 in the show, which is a five year age gap. 

Sydney Sweeney – Cassie Howard

Age: 24

Sydney Sweeney is 24 in real life, compared to her character Cassie, who is 18. 

Alexa Demie – Maddy Perez 

Age: 31

Maddy Perez is portrayed by 31-year-old Alexa Demie, compared to her character’s age which is 17. This is a 14-year difference between Demie and her character. 

Jacob Elordi – Nate Jacobs

Age: 24

Everyone’s favourite Australian plays Nate Jacobs who is possibly the most hated character in the series. Elordi is 24 in real life, compared to his character who is 18. 

Angus Cloud – Fezco 

Age: 27

Angus Cloud was born in 1994, making him 27. His character Fez’s age is not explicitly mentioned in the series, however we can assume he is around 19/20 years old after dropping out of college. 

Barbie Ferreria – Kat Hernandez

Age: 25

Barbie Ferreria was born in December 1996, making her 25. Her character is 17 in the show, which is an eight-year age gap. 

Maude Apatow – Lexi Howard

Age: 24

Lexi is portrayed by 24-year-old Maude Apatow. As the younger sister of Cassie and Rue’s childhood friend, she is 17 in the show. 

Dominic Fike – Elliot 

Age: 25

Newcomer to the show is 25-year-old Dominic Fike who is already an established singer, most known for his 2019 song Three Nights. He plays Elliot, whose age has not been mentioned so far, but we can assume he is around a similar age to the high-schoolers. 

Storm Reid – Gia Bennett

Age: 18

Storm Reid plays Gia, the younger sister of Rue. She is 18 in real life, compared to her character who is 13, making this a five year age gap. 

Algee Smith – McKay 

Age: 27

Algee Smith is 27 compared to his character of McKay, who is in his first year of college, which makes him 18 or 19. 

Austin Abrams – Ethan Lewis

Age: 25

Kat’s love interest Ethan is played by 25-year-old Austin Abrams. Ethan is 17 in the series, which is an eight year age gap between Abrams and his character. 

Featured Image: via HBO

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