A considered ranking of 2021’s most insufferable and infuriating Netflix characters

Yes, don’t worry, the entire Riverdale cast feature

A lot of Netflix characters can be straight up insufferable. It really doesn’t matter what show you’re watching, there will always be a character who really gets on your tits. For example, on a universal scale, we were all wound up by Sherry from YOU but believe it or not she’s not really that annoying compared to some other characters from big shows this year. Anyway, here’s a rundown of the most annoying Netflix characters to come out of 2021:

9. Hunter from Ginny and Georgia

Look, Hunter didn’t do anything to personally annoy me but what I do have to say is:”Happy Friday, Ginny” and then leave you to watch this hellish and infuriating six second clip below.


8. Pia from Clickbait

Now, do I really have to explain this one? All I’m going to say is her fringe caused me severe distress and discomfort. But that’s about the only reason, hence why her ranking is that high but enough damage was done to have her included in the list.

7. Elle from The Kissing Booth 3

Maybe it’s because the majority of the Kissing Booth script is full of monologues spoken by Elle but, Jesus Christ, she’s annoying. She’s a walking talking cliché and thinks rules don’t apply to her. Like the fact when she was applying for college in the third movie this year and just didn’t care for the application deadline by ignoring calls from Berkeley and Harvard. Also as a side note it really pissed me off when she was wearing that Mario costume during her fight with Noah – I can’t explain why.

6. Padgette Sawyer from He’s All That

This entire film was joyless so obviously the main character is to blame for it. Padgette felt like the classic Gen Z influencer who our parents complain about. The whole aesthetic of the film was very much like “Ugh, kids these days!! What are they like!” – you know the vibe I’m talking about?

5. Brad from Sex/Life

Sex/Life in general was a mad show and the characters were always a little bit unhinged but if we had to pick one (which we do) who was a unbearable then it would be Brad. The way he took her onto the train tracks to have sex was very weird. And the way he used her best mate to make her jealous was outrageous.

4. Ginny from Ginny and Georgia

Brat alert!!

Ginny is a brat. There I said it. She’s quite possibly one of the most ungrateful characters ever to exist. And yes, I am still salty about that Taylor Swift comment to be honest. Also – Hunter deserved better (even though he’s incredibly cringe) because he loved her.

3. The entire cast of Riverdale

It’s a certain type of hatred

They’re all painfully insufferable. And DON’T get me started on those god awful musical episodes – they’re hell on earth. Not to mention every single character being SO inconsistent and ridiculous. Like when Archie fell in love with his teacher and sold his guitar to buy her a new cello bow and then a few episodes later he confesses to a murder which had nothing to do with him – it’s the strangest show ever.

2. Sang Woo from Squid Game

Squid Game really took the world by storm and I feel like Sang Woo never got the maximum attention for genuinely being the worst person ever. Seriously, why did we let this slip so far under the radar? I will never forgive this man for what he did to Ali during the game of marbles.

1. Sherry from YOU

This was pretty obvious, right? Sherry’s online lifestyle just grates on me to the point where it makes me want to switch my phone off forever over the fears of becoming even a teeeeny tiny bit like her. Her whole online personality and “momfluencer” ways is exhausting. All she talks about is having twins and running a blog, and then she somehow made Natalie’s disappearance all about herself. Who does that?? Sure she became a little bit legendary at the end but it was too little too late.

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