All of the famous celebrities you didn’t know were in various Harry Potter movies

Jesy Nelson and Robert Pattinson were co-stars lmaoooo

Whenever Harry Potter comes on the telly around Christmas time, we always confuse the fact the likes of Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint weren’t actually the most famous cast members. Fans of the Harry Potter franchise forget the cast was made up of even more famous names like Jesy Nelson, Regé-Jean Page from Bridgerton and even national treasure Lenny Henry. Basically, the main cast list misses out on some very iconic household names. Here’s a list of all the rogue celebrities you may have missed being in Harry Potter and everything we know about the specific films they featured in.

Jesy Nelson was in The Goblet of Fire

I can’t believe Jesy Nelson has been using Little Mix as her claim to fame all these years when she was literally in The Goblet of Fire. She’s only in the film for a split second and if you blink you will literally miss her entire cameo but her short cameo does also mean she was in fact co-stars with Robert Pattinson – a dream! Jesy is specifically in the Yule Ball scene which you can watch below:

Zoella filmed for the first and second film

We all know Zoe Sugg loves to talk about Wiltshire, the place she grew up. Well it turns out part of the first film in the Harry Potter franchise was filmed there and kids at Zoe’s school were asked if they’d like to be extras. Naturally they all said yes but unfortunately Zoe was cut from the movie and she’s never seen. However, she is referenced on imbd for both of the first two Harry Potter films – madness.

Regé-Jean Page was in Deathly Hallows

Regé-Jean on the left next to Emma Watson and Julie Walters

You might think Regé-Jean made it big with Bridgerton, or if you’re a real fan then you’ll remember his stint in Waterloo Road but you’d be wrong to say this is when he first hit the big screen. Back in 2010, Regé-Jean had a small cameo next to Emma Watson in the first Deathly Hallows movie. He played a wedding guest at Bill Weasley’s wedding and stood next to Julie Walters and Emma. J’adore both those two queens, Regé-Jean is so lucky.

In the clip below Rege-Jean can be spotted when the patronus comes to tell the wedding guests that the Ministry of Magic has fallen and the Death Eaters are coming.

Ben Shephard played a wizard in The Half Blood Prince

Ben Shephard is every student’s best mate because he’s daytime TV royalty. We all know him as the sexy man who hosts Tipping Point but if you’re a diehard Harry Potter fan then you’ll recognise him as the wizard from The Half Blood Prince. You can see Ben in his full costume here. According this this website, Ben’s character

Lenny Henry was the voice of a very iconic character

Lenny Henry’s voice as Dre Head

Right so national treasure Lenny Henry didn’t physically feature in a Harry Potter film but he did in fact voice a very memorable character Dre Head in Prisoner of Azkaban. He was the sidekick to the wild bus driver on the magical Knight bus but obviously we’re used to seeing him advertise for hotels on telly.

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