Selling Sunset worst men

VOTE: Which of the men from Selling Sunset is the absolute worst?

The time has come for you to declare who is officially the bottom of the barrel

Let’s get one thing abundantly clear: Not a single soul on this earth is watching Selling Sunset for any other purpose than to cherish its iconic cast of female realtor supremes. The women rule the roost, as they bloody well should. Icons of glamour and severity, causing havoc in the real estate world one house at a time. But like all shows, you have to take the rough with the tumble. And in Selling Sunset, the rough comes in the form of its cast of frequently dreadful men. It’s time for you to have your say and finally and definitively vote for the absolute worst of the Selling Sunset men.

Here’s a round up of the villains, a reminder of their evil and the vote at the bottom. Let’s do this.


When Jason decided to draft in Emma to replace Christine during mat leave, a woman who had previously been caught cheating with Christine’s ex, it was chaotic villainy of the highest order. The grand master of the Oppenheim Group is a shit stirrer supreme – and should be regarded as such.


If Jason is Mario, then Brett is his Wario. Guilty by association.


Romean more like! Pure evil to Mary and made their age gap an issue when he told her he didn’t want kids and then randomly proposed to her. Banned Davina from being invited to his and Mary’s wedding. Messy!


JUSTIN ANNOUNCED HE WAS DIVORCING CHRISHELL BY TEXT. BY TEXT. That is all you need to know about this man’s evil depravity. Also probably the single reason why Christine and Chrishell will never be friends. He has their ruined relationship stained on his handsome hands!

Rob from the boat who picked up Chrishell

Selling Sunset worst men

Do you want to put her down for me doll? Tarek’s evil mate who was intended to be a matchmaking set up for Chrishell but ended up being the living embodiment of a red flag.


Called Christine stupid on a podcast and also introduced the world to Rob from the boat. This we must not forgive, and certainly solidifies him as one of the worst Selling Sunset men.

Emma, Christine AND Heather’s sinister ex

Who Page Six named as Peter Cornell. Allegedly cheated on Christine with Emma, and then got engaged to Emma. A mysterious character in the Oppenheim world but one who certainly feels like bad vibes.

Christian (Christine’s husband)

Selling Sunset worst men

Stirs up the worst in Christine, and quite frankly, she’s better than him! WAY BETTER!

Vote below, and have your say:

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