Olivia Neill Flossie Clegg drama

Investigating whether Flossie and Olivia are mates again after their rumoured fall out

Girlies, we have more to unpack

Olivia Neill and Flossie Clegg have certainly been at the forefront of YouTube drama over the last couple of months. Rumours surfaced around a month ago saying the pair had fallen out because fans had realised they were no longer engaging with each other. But shortly after they released a new YouTube Original series together which made fans think their fall out  was all one big PR stunt. However, more recently and for the first time in a long time, they have interacted online and fans are losing their minds so let’s unpack it. First though, let’s just go through everything that’s happened because, girlies, there’s a lot.

Here’s why fans thought Olivia Neill and Flossie Clegg fell out in the first place

By now we all know that Flossie launched a new Slazenger collection with Sports Direct. Her fans were verrrry quick to realise Olivia didn’t post anything online which congratulated Flossie which was weird considering they were literally best mates and lived together for ages. Then Flossie hosted a chilled out celebratory event with her mates and Olivia wasn’t there. And then after a lot of speculation Olivia replied to a comment which questioned why she didn’t go to Flossie’s drinks and said: “I would’ve loved to go”.

Then people speculated they never actually fell out at all

Right so a week or so after their original fall out was speculated, Olivia announces she’s dropping a new podcast and the pair release a YouTube Original series which they appear in together. These two things together made fans believe the fall out was allegedly one big PR stunt. Very messy, right? Especially considering what comes next!

Last weekend Flossie went to Olivia’s Motel Rocks Christmas party

Okay,  you might remember a few weeks ago Olivia posted a vlog and in it she was making a guest list for her Motel Rocks Christmas party and the third name on the list was in fact Flossie Clegg. This happening after everything else made people think it was a decision made by management but then Flossie actually WENT to her party. Not only that but Flossie then posted this to her story and tagged Olivia – very confusing.

Olivia Neill Flossie Clegg drama

via Instagram @flossie

Olivia’s other mates were also at the party, as well as her rumoured new boyfriend Orlando who is mates with Flossie’s ex from back home. So the entire thing is pretty messy but it’s good to see them both getting along, even if it is just them acknowledging each other in the same room.

In Flossie’s most recent video she says no one has wronged her

In her video, Flossie talks candidly about her mental health and the impact moving out alone had on her. She also says her fans won’t ever be able to speculate what actually went on in her life and the fact no one has wronged her but the initial moving out process was rocky to start with. Flossie also said that she was using the video as a way of closing the chapter on the current sadness she has been feeling. Her comment section is full of love, as expected, and thanking her for reassuring them sadness is a normal feeling.

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