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Which Drag Race UK queens gained the most Instagram followers during season three?

One queen gained over 170,000 followers whilst competing for the crown

With season three of Drag Race UK coming to a festive and fabulous end last week, and Krystal Versace getting her crown and becoming the youngest EVER winner in the franchise, there’s about to become a great big Drag Race UK shaped hole in our lives. “How do you combat that hole?”, I hear you cry! By heading straight to Instagram and following all the queens so you stay up to date with them and their iconic looks, obviously! But which queens have gained the most followers over the last 10 weeks of the show? In statistics acquired by MrQ, here’s exactly how many followers the queens of Drag Race UK season three have on Instagram – including their account growth since all the way back in week one.

Anubis: 64,306 followers

Along with Krystal, Anubis was the youngest queen in the competition but sadly got eliminated all the way back in week one when she only had 30,505 followers. Despite her early exit, Anubis has won a lot of fans by posting all the looks we didn’t see on her Instagram – and they’re all sickening. The queens also voted Anubis as the Miss Congeniality of the season.
Follower increase: 33,771

Elektra Fence: 46,501 followers

Elektra Fence had 18,145 followers when the show started. The Burnley pocket rocket exited in episode two after showcasing her chaotic lip sync skills to full effect. A northern icon if you ask me. “Smash it, smash the world, peace!”
Follower increase: 28,006

Victoria Scone: 167,877 followers

Victoria started the season with 62,518 followers – and was definitely the most anticipated queen on the show due to her being the first AFAB drag artist to ever compete on any Drag Race series. Despite her time being cut short due to her knee injury in week one, she has seen a huge follower increase and gained a lot of fans who want her back for season four.
Follower increase: 105,359

Veronica Green: 176,516 followers

Many thought Veronica Green would proceed to the final of season three, as she was an early frontrunner on season two. Sadly, it didn’t quite work out that way, and starting the show with 163,405 Instagram followers Veronica only saw a modest follower increase across season three of Drag Race UK. A lot of this is likely to do with the fact she already saw a big growth back when she was on season two.
Follower increase: 13,111

Charity Kase: 259,426 followers

Charity Kase was the most followed queen at the start of the season, with an impressive 156,344 followers that grew greatly still over the season and resulted in her becoming one of the queens with the biggest growth.
Follower increase: 103,082

River Medway: 111,092 followers

River Medway started Drag Race UK with 19,522 followers on Instagram but saw a huge growth thanks to her becoming a fan favourite. Percentage wise, she’s seen the biggest increase out of all the queens this season.
Follower increase: 91,570

Choriza May: 128,533 followers

The second casualty of that heartbreaking double elimination of fan favourites, Choriza sashayed away with our hearts if not the crown. She started the show with 22,560 followers and has seen one of the biggest growths – probably because her pussy is like a peach.
Follower increase: 105,973

Scarlett Harlett: 91,078 followers

Coming fifth on season three of Drag Race UK, Scarlett made Ru laugh a lot and served the drama with her iconic storm off. She’s seen a significant Instagram growth, only starting the season with 22,134.
Follower increase: 68,944

Vanity Milan: 64,199

Whilst Vanity had her ups and downs with the judge’s critiques in the competition, she certified herself as a fan fave and Drag Race UK icon when she annihilated her lip sync to Scandalous by Mis-teeq in front of Alesha Dixon. Vanity’s Instagram followers started at 19,926 but still remain underrated. Make sure you’re following and supporting the queens!
Follower increase: 44,273

Kitty Scott-Claus: 126,466

It’s your favourite Kitty! One of the absolute darlings of the season, Kitty won us all over with her humour and talent even if she didn’t snatch the crown in the end. She has seen a MASSIVE growth, she only started the season with 19,938 followers.
Follower increase: 106,528

Ella Vaday: 224,124

The queen who saw the largest growth by a long shot, becoming the second most followed queen of the season, is runner up Ella Vaday. Ella started the show with 51,917 and has grown her following hugely – unsurprising, as she gained the most wins of the season and became a fan favourite. An eye-watering increase!
Follower increase: 172,207

Krystal Versace: 172,466 followers

Krystal Versace started the show with 32,803 followers, and went on to win the crown and become the youngest winner in Drag Race history. Her Instagram its full of the kind of sickening looks that helped her emerge victorious, and she’s got a big Insta growth because of it! She has gained the second highest amount, behind Ella.
Follower increase: 139,643

All follower count statistics accurate at time of publishing.

Featured image credit: @krystalversace / @itsvanitymilan

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