Drag Race UK runway looks

The 17 best runway looks from Drag Race UK season three

Krystal Versace did Baby Spice better than Emma Bunton

Well, that’s all gang. Another season of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK boxed off and our new winner crowned. It’s been an iconic season, and like always the runways have persisted in being highlights of every episode. Whether the queens served fashion, glam, horror or camp they were always bringing it hard. Here are the 17 best runway looks the queens served on the main stage of Drag Race UK season three, RANKED.

17. River Medway’s Happy Campers

Honestly, probably one of the most underrated runway looks from the Drag Race UK season in my opinion. Extremely editorial, classically chic and the map design is a really interesting interpretation of the theme. I just love it and River deserves more praise for this one.

16. Scarlett Harlett’s Campfire Couture

Scarlett’s work-room-made dress is the best she’s ever looked. Look how this gown fits her! Pristine. Love the details, love the hemline, love the blanket vibe and she styled it great with the perfect wig. Lovely stuff.

15. Ella Vaday’s Feeling Fruity

Ella’s watermelon look is just perfect. It looks so JUICY? I want to bite it. This hair is trademark Vaday too and she should wear it at all times. Drag excellence.

14. Charity Kase’s Red Carpet Showstopper

The critiques on this one from the judges were straight up nonsense – it was beautiful. The colour looks perfect on her, the headpiece and bag are so well detailed and it’s head to toe realised and interesting. Charity consistently was versatile, despite being told she wasn’t, and this look proved it. LOOK at the makeup.

13. Vanity Milan’s Oh My Goddess 

Truly stunning stuff from Vanity for her final runway, and though she was eliminated wearing this she couldn’t have exited the competition looking better. The detailing Vanity’s husband has done on this headpiece is so major. Vanity not only understood the assignment, she SET the assignment.

12. Choriza May’s entrance


In general, I don’t think Choriza May got her dues as the fashion queen that she is. The look she uttered the immortal “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful, hate me because I’m an immigrant” line in is immaculate and the cut and sew sections all pop in just the right way. It has such a delicious Spanish flavour to it. A wow.

11. Choriza May’s Art look

For her favourite thing runway, Choriza selected art, and ART IT WAS. She hand painted this look and told me it was one of her cheapest to put together but her most impactful. The fact this didn’t get her in the top week one was disgraceful. The judges slept on Choriza.

10. Charity Kase’s Scary Spice

Another nonsense critique from the judges on this one, who for some reason decided to pretend that this wasn’t quite clearly a great Mel B homage. It was Charity’s take on Scary Spice, and that was literally the assignment. A serve.

9. Vanity Milan’s hometown look

Vanity’s ode to South London is spectacular, and the way it revealed into the look underneath was so seamless. I enjoyed Vanity Milan so much this season and this look was that first time we got to be truly wowed by her. This runway was one of the highlights of the Drag Race UK premiere for me.

8. Krystal Versace’s Cat

The first Krystal look on this ranking, and certainly not the last. I mean, it’s IMMACULATE, let’s face it. I wouldn’t say she solidified her win with this but she certainly solidified that she was a force to be reckoned with and would be in that final three. 19 years old and looking this perfect and editorial? No wonder the other queens were quaking.

7. Victoria Scone’s afternoon tea look

Drag Race UK runway looks

Victoria’s time on Drag Race UK was cut short thanks to a cruel knee injury, but she made sure that her short time on season three was done right. This look is excellent – campy, Leigh Bowery tinged drag. Get her back on season four Ru, or we riot.

6. Kitty Scott-Claus’ Oh My Goddess

The goddess runway really served all the queens well, and Kitty looked an absolute dream. The most beautiful she’s ever looked in fact. It feels like it should be costumey, but it just comes across as so elevated. The colours are delicious.

5. Krystal Versace’s Cruella

Drag Race UK runway looks

Another great runway theme for everyone was the Scene Stealers week – it was so much fun seeing the queens showcased their film references. Krystal’s Cruella is just impeccably done – chic, dramatic, elegant and severe. Glenn Close would be proud.

4. Krystal Versace’s Baby Spice

Drag Race UK runway looks

I just love the colour blue so much, and this 2 Become 1 homage is so correct. It’s actually better than what Emma Bunton wears in the music video. Sorry Emma, but Krystal does you better than you do you.

3. River Medway’s Expenny Henny

Drag Race UK runway looks

I look at this River look and just smile. She looks incredible, and you can feel the pure joy radiating off her. She said on the show it’s the most beautiful she’s ever felt and it just shows. Representing her culture in the best way possible – she smashed it and it’s stunning from head to toe.

2. Kitty Scott-Claus’ Rose look

Drag Race UK runway looks

LOOK. I know it’s not the most polished or glam. But it’s the most fun look on the runway this season and I think it represents what is so good about drag. Pop culture references executed funnily and with a camp flair – Rose from Titanic is an inspired choice. It’s a film everyone knows and loves and an instantly recognisable look. It’s heaven on earth. Kitty sold the hell out of it and it was a season highlight for me out of all the Drag Race UK runway looks.

1. Krystal Versace’s Oh My Goddess

Drag Race UK runway looks

I gasped when this turned the corner of the runway. Out loud. Every detail of this is drag at its very best. Krystal may not have been your winner of choice, but when she serves looks like this at the age of 19 there is no doubt at all that she deserves her crown.

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