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Hey sis, it’s time to enjoy these 19 Drag Race UK season three finale memes and reactions

Will I ever be over Hey Sis, It’s Christmas? No x

And just like that, Drag Race UK season three is over. Krystal Versace has been crowned the youngest Drag Race winner ever, there were some absolute LOOKS served by all, and the whole world now has a brand new Christmas bop. Obviously, everyone on the Internet has a load to say about the Drag Race UK season three finale too, and there are so many memes and reactions all over Twitter.

This season three of Drag Race UK has had some iconic moments, from Ella’s Nigella Lawson in Snatch Game, to the “uh, uh” dance in BDE, to Choriza trying to change her wig mid-lip sync – and the finale is no exception, bringing us a whole load of jokes reactions.

The only thing that’s better than these 19 tweets, memes and reactions to the Drag Race UK season three finale is the absolute BANGER that is Hey Sis, It’s Christmas:

1. Move over Mariah x

2. Don’t forget the ‘one of a kind crown’ !!!

3. I see nothing here but icons

4. Lol

5. My queen x

6. Do I have to?

7. Please no

8. One word: Yes

9. Not even a single tear? Ok

10. Immediately!

11. Not on my watch, thanks

12. Couldn’t agree more

13. Okay but her Christmas outfit is one of the best things I’ve ever seen

14. A vibe

15. ‘I aspire to be … me’

16. ‘I’d prefer the equivalent in cash, really’

17. Honest!!

18. Teehee don’t mind me!

19. Bow down to our new queen x

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