What per cent Lady Diana are you really? Take this quiz to find out

Q2. Pick a revenge outfit to make your ex jealous, hun

Lady Diana and successfully and safely embedded herself deep within British hun culture. Her oversized sweatshirts, her revenge dress and her absolute love for Elton John have all contributed to making her a comfortable seat in the British hall of famous huns.

It’s safe to say there are some real diehard Diana fans out there, ones who would simply give their life to be Lady Di. But to be fair, I guess none of us can deny that we’d love to be Diana for a day. It’s such a shame that only a select few can say they’re important enough to have a little bit of the people’s princess in them. Take our quiz below and see what per cent Lady Di you really are:

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Feature image (background) courtesy of Allakuz and (Lady Diana photo) Mark Reinstein on Shutterstock.