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This is where you recognise the cast of Netflix’s Love Hard from

Yes Mike from Glee makes an appearance

What would Christmas be without a classic cringe Netflix film? Netflix’s latest movie Love Hard was released last week and is currently the number one film on the site. The movie features a pretty cool cast of familiar faces and tells the story of a journalist called Natalie who travels 3,000 miles to spend Christmas with a guy she’s never met – only to find out she’s been cat-fished.

After discovering she’s been cat-fished Natalie teams up with her catfisher Josh to impress the guy she actually likes and to help Josh impress his family at Christmas. It’s cute, funny and extremely predictable, but that’s what makes a Netflix Christmas film so great.

The cast is full of people you’ll immediately know including a few from your favourite teen drama shows.

This is the full cast of Love Hard on Netflix and where you recognise them from:

Natalie – Nina Dobrev

via Netflix

The protagonist of the series is Natalie, a dating columnist who travels 3,000 miles at Christmas to surprise a man she’s never met, only to discover he’s not actually who he says he is.

Natalie is played by Nina Dobrev who you should all recognise from that tragic series in our teenage years The Vampire Diaries.

Nina was in The Vampire Diaries for eight years as Elena Gilbert. She’s also appeared in The Perks of Being A Wallflower, Degrassi and the series Fam.

Josh – Jimmy O. Yang

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Josh is Natalie’s catfish and the second main character of Love Hard. He’s played by standup comedian and actor Jimmy O. Yang.

Jimmy is best known for his roles in the series Silicon Valley, Crazy Rich Asians and Patriots Day.

Tag – Darren Barnet

via Netflix

Tag is the guy Natalie thought she was travelling 3,000 miles to surprise and who Josh helps to set her up with after he catfishes her.

Tag is played by Darren Barnet who is most well known for his role of Paxton in Netflix’s Never Have I Ever.

Tag was originally meant to be played by Charles Melton from Riverdale but he dropped out of the film due to scheduling conflicts.

Bob – James Saito

via Netflix

Bob is Josh’s father in Love Hard and is played by James Saito who has been acting since the late 1970s.

James is most well known for his role as the original Shredder in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He’s also had lead roles in Netflix’s Always Be My Maybe and the film Modern Love.

Owen – Harry Shum Jr

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Owen is the brother of Josh and is played by Harry Shum Jr aka Mike from Glee.

Harry was in Glee for six years and also appeared in Crazy Rich Asians, The Mortal Instruments series and Single By 30.

Chelsea – Mikaela Hoover

via Netflix

Chelsea is the wife of Owen and is played by Mikaela Hoover who has appeared in The Suicide Squad, Holidate and Guardians of the Galaxy amongst others.

Mikaela is currently in a relationship with her co-star Darren Barnett who plays Tag and the couple are believed to have met on the set of Love Hard.

Kerry – Heather McMahan

via Netflix

Kerry is Natalie’s best friend who convinces her to surprise Tag and she’s played by Heather McHahan.

Heather has only appeared in a number of roles including the series Zoe Ever After and If Loving You Is Wrong.

Barb – Rebecca Staab

love hard netflix cast

via Netflix

Rebecca Staab takes on the role of Josh’s mother Barb in Love Hard. Rebecca has been acting since the mid 1980s and has nearly 100 acting credits to her name.

She’s appeared in episodes of Dexter, Glee, Criminal Minds and Desperate Housewives. Rebecca recently appears to mainly be starring in Christmas movies.

Grandma June – Althea Kaye

love hard netflix cast

via Netflix

Of course there has to be a grandmother in a cute Christmas movie and in Netflix’s Love Hard its Grandma June played by Althea Kaye.

Althea has only appeared in a number of roles including Fort Salem and Kung Fu, both earlier this year.

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