Strictly Come Dancing quiz

Take this painfully accurate quiz and we’ll tell you if you’d win Strictly

Question 10: Do you trust Anton Du Beke?

Strictly Come Dancing is back, and that means I simply will not leave the house on weekends until 2022. Call me a nan, I don’t care. I’m living my truth. Big Chinese ordered, hoodie on, Oti Mabuse on my television. That’s living, baby! In all seriousness, this series of Strictly is already shaping up to be one of the best ever and we’re barely an episode in. In just last Saturday’s episode, we saw at least four couples who seem like legitimate threats to taking home that glitter ball trophy. One of them couples being John and Johannes, who literally left jaws on the ground with their iconic Tango to Blue Monday. They’re dancing this good on WEEK ONE, PEOPLE! But the important question that this quiz will answer for you is if YOU would have the capability to dance your way to that sweet, sweet, Strictly Come Dancing win.

Do you know your Cha Cha Chas from your Pasa Dobles? Have you made your important decision on which Mabuse sister you would most like to have a bevvy with? Have you decided on whether or not you’re going to abandon your marriage for a sexy affair with your professional dancer? Do you or do you NOT trust national nemesis Anton Du Beke? Only one way to know if all this means you’ll get that Strictly Come Dancing win, and that’s by taking the quiz below:

Strictly Come Dancing continues on BBC One on Saturdays. Watch the series so far on BBC iPlayer

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