Pink girls glitter twirls TikTok sound

This is where the ‘pink pink pink, girls girls girls’ TikTok sound is actually from

Glitter glitter glitter, TWIRLS TWIRLS TWIRLS

Somebody please prise TikTok out of my hands because I simply can’t do this anymore. I can’t get addicted to another TikTok song. Just For Me by PinkPantheress had me in a chokehold. Vagina by Cupcakke had me quite literally smacking my ass like a drum. Even the remixes of berries and bastard cream. And now there’s a new TikTok dance trend sound that is running laps round my brain, and it’s the stupidly infectious bop that is “pink pink pink, girls girls girls, glitter glitter glitter, TWIRLS TWIRLS TWIRLS”. Even Kourtney Kardashian has gotten involved.

@kourtneykardashian♬ Linda And Heather Theme Song – nooneinparticular

You know the one. You’ve been singing it too. The bestie vibes are immaculate, but where the hell is this pop smash masterpiece originally from?! I’ve got you covered. “Best friends!!!”

Disney is responsible, because of course it is

@miaistvobsessedparker’s obsession gives me life @tenzingtrainor ##parkerrooney ##lindaandheather ##livandmaddie ##tenzingtrainor ##dovecameron♬ Linda And Heather Theme Song – nooneinparticular

The “pink, girls, glitter, twirls” TikTok sound originates from the Disney Channel show Liv and Maddie, which stars Dove Cameron (who had incidentally released one of the most fun singles of 2021) playing two twin sisters where one is a star and one is not. The song that’s going viral all over TikTok is taken from a fictional show in Liv and Maddie called Linda and Heather, of which it is the theme tune. A lot of confusing double female names going on, but you get the picture.

The dance trend is so simple your nan could do it

@madi@avani we killed it♬ Linda And Heather Theme Song – nooneinparticular

The accompanying choreo goes as follows: For “pink pink pink” it’s hands on hips and a side to side shake, for “girls girls girls” it’s a back to back bum shake. For “glitter glitter glitter” you shake your fingers to the front like you’ve had them manicured, and for “twirls twirls twirls” you, well, twirl. For “together, forever” you and your chosen dance partner hold hands, and for “Linda and Heather” you put your outer arms in the air. The big finish on “best friends!” climaxes with you both joining hands to make a heart shape. Cute!

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