Kitty Scott-Claus Drag Race

Meet Kitty Scott-Claus: The all-singing, all-dancing queen of Drag Race UK season three

She plays Kimberley Walsh in a drag tribute group to Girls Aloud

Three sleeps to go, people. Three sleeps to go! RuPaul’s Drag Race UK season three is in touching distance and I am beside myself with excitement. The first few months of 2021 were made bearable by Drag Race UK season two being the cultural phenomenon that it was. And as the nights get darker, the temperature gets colder and my seasonal depression rears its cursed head again, thank god we have Drag Race UK season three as our weekly blast of serotonin. The fresh batch of queens are rearing to go, and one hopeful ready to take that Drag Race crown is 29-year-old Kitty Scott-Claus.

Here’s all you need to know about Brummie queen before the season kicks off!

She has a musical theatre background

Kitty Scott-Claus was born in Birmingham, to a family she said wasn’t performance focussed at all. “No one in my family were performers. They all went to uni and did serious subjects like engineering and accounting. I went to drama school and did musical theatre. But I never wanted to do the boy parts. The boy parts are so boring. Boring costumes, boring songs. I wanted to be Elle Woods in Legally Blonde. I wanted to be Roxy Hart in Chicago. I wanted to be Glinda in Wicked. The busty blondes!”

Kitty plays Kimberley Walsh in Gals Aloud – alongside season one queen Cheryl Hole

Cheryl Hole asked Kitty to join the group as Kimberley and the rest was history. Gals Aloud have toured the country with their daft, loving tribute to Girls Aloud and have even played theatres in the West End.

Her original drag name was Madonna Kebab

Kitty flicked through a few names before settling on the one she’s known as today. “I was originally Madonna Kebab. Then either Chelsea Bun or Burger Queens, but nothing was sticking. I have a large array of little quotes that I say, and I realised whenever someone was being catty I’d say ‘oh kitty’s got claws!’ And there the name was born.” Justice for the name Madonna Kebab!

What are Kitty Scott-Claus’ biggest strengths and weaknesses?

Kitty says her biggest strengths are her dancing, singing and performance skills. “I can do it all performance wise, I’m musical theatre trained.” When it comes to weaknesses, Kitty said: “I’d say sewing is my weakness. I can get by, but I’m not one of those queens that can make a couture garment from scratch. And if they make me do a makeover challenge, I’m out. I can do my own makeup but no one else’s!”

Why should Kitty Scott-Claus win Drag Race UK season three?

“I am the future of British drag. I’m silly and camp and have everything that old school drag was, but I have the modern edge. I’m the whole package.”

Save the start date because Drag Race UK season three premieres 23rd September on BBC iPlayer. For all the latest Drag Race memes and Netflix news, drops and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook.

Featured image courtesy of BBC / @kittyscottclaus.  

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