Ranking all your fave Chicken Shop Dates based on how awkward they are

Where are these people getting their pick up lines from?

Everyone loves Chicken Shop Date, where Amelia Dimoldenberg subjects rappers and other celebs to the most uncomfortable date of their life. The long pauses, sound of chewing and nervous laughs are enough to make you cringe but have you ever wondered which date is just too much to bare?

Look no further as here is a definitive ranking of the most awkward Chicken Shop Dates, from slightly embarrassing to “I need to look away”-level cringey:

15. Sean Paul

Probably one of the smoothest people ever, there was no way Sean Paul was letting this date get awkward. On his date the roles were reversed and it was actually Amelia who seemed to be getting shy and flustered. The overall Sean Paul charm got in the way of making this a normal, awkward date.


14. Jack Harlow

Jack was just too cool to let much awkwardness slip through. He matched Amelia’s energy pretty well, apart from when he decided to pull out his very bad English accent. One of the only more cringeworthy moments was when he called Lucozade “Lucozoid” but he still carried it off pretty well.


13. Big Narstie

Big Narstie is known for saying some pretty random things but his statement about learning the importance of values and respect came out of no where. It was all going well and looked as if it was going to be quite an intellectual date until he whipped out the Mo Farah sign out of no where and killed the vibe straight.


12. Slowthai

They were equally as weird as each other on this date. After Amelia called him cute, his shy reaction and the pause that was just a bit too long leaves you feeling embarrassed for both of them. Overall though, he didn’t appear that aware of how awkward the date was getting, he was just there for a good time.


11. Jade Thirlwall

If someone is singing or dancing in front of you on a date it’s enough to make your skin crawl a bit. To make it worse, they start singing together really off-key for just a bit too long, then resort back to the date as normal. Jade was also way too giggly which matched with Amelia’s dead-pan look, made for a very awkward encounter.


10. Daniel Kaluuya

If you’ve watched any of his interviews, you’ll know that Daniel Kaluuya is a pretty chatty guy but here he was actually lost for words at times. His story of the Peckham Wetherspoons is a pretty low point. It’s hard not to feel slightly sorry for him here, given the amount of times he let out a nervous laugh when he’d run out of things to say.


9. KSI

KSI started off pretty strong by dressing up like he actually worked in a chicken shop but it all went downhill after that. It’s especially funny when he talks about how calm and chill he is, then proceeds to throw a water bottle at the microphone.

His laugh is like nothing else you’ve ever heard and he just carries on long after the joke has been made. The mixture of Amelia’s monotone voice and his ridiculously animated way of speaking creates a very awks barrier between the two of them.


8. Jessie Lingard

It’s actually impossible to believe that this man is 28 given how he acts like he’s about 19. The awkwardness is fuelled by his look of disgust at the food mixed with his inability to stop laughing whenever things get slightly uncomfortable. Of course, again there’s more terrible singing to really top everything off.


7. Chunkz and Yung Filly

The “bunda” discussion is actually so uncomfortable to watch, especially when Amelia calls Chunkz out for saying its weird to like men with big bums. It just gets worse from here on out, mainly due to Yung Filly’s laugh that surely isn’t real. As soon as she whipped the microphone out it was game over, how can anyone keep a straight face when he’s literally roaring into it?


6. D Double E

This man was way too nice to be exposed to such awkwardness. His voice was so soft you could barely make out what he was saying and the genuine look of fear in his eyes was no match to the interrogation he was being subjected to.


5. AJ Tracey

Throughout this entire date it genuinely seems like he doesn’t want to be there. Amelia doesn’t even need to try to make it awkward because his constantly exasperated expression does all the work. Even AJ’s posture is screaming that he just wants to get gone. Side note –  starting off a date by saying “your face is okay” isn’t really the best way to get the ball rolling either.


4. Headie One

Coming in on a Swegway isn’t really the best way to get a date rolling. The funniest part about this date is that it actually seems like he’s trying to flirt. His voice gets quieter and harder to understand the more nervous that he gets.


3. Aitch

“My mum thought I was meeting H from steps”. It doesn’t seem like Aitch was given any pre-warning as to what the date would be like as he looks completely lost for the majority of it. There’s too many embarrassing moments to count but some notable ones were his reaction to being asked if he’s ever had an STI and him trying not to look when Amelia started dribbling. The longer it went one the more he seemed to shrink into his hoodie.


2. Dave

Right from the get go this was awkward. What was the need for a table that long? Either Dave was playing along very well or he genuinely didn’t like Amelia, either way it was uncomfortable. No surprise there’s also some dreadful singing thrown into the mix again. A low has got to be him shouting “maybe you’re too fat” from across the table. Take notes boys, that is not how you behave on a first date.


1. Bernardo Silva

Finally in first place for the most awkward Chicken Shop Date of all time is Bernardo Silva, who seems to have absolutely no idea what he’s doing there or what the purpose of the date is. Throughout the duration of the date he doesn’t lose eye contact once and remains completely confused. He is so effortlessly funny and awkward without even trying, even Amelia seems a bit stuck with what to say. Every time he’s asked a question, he leaves an uncomfortably long pause matched with a look of slight fear.

The real awkwardness comes however when Bernado’s asked what his favourite British band is and he replies with Queen. He has to repeat it about five times before Amelia knew what he said. Maybe he’ll stick to playing football instead.


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