Spotify Blend creates you a joint playlist with friends, here’s how to use it

It also gives you a score of how compatible your music taste is with others

Spotify has a new feature called Blend, which allows you to create joint playlists with your friends. The feature also has a new “Test Match Score” which rates the compatibility of your music taste with your mates’. You literally don’t even have to do any work, you just invite someone to the playlist and Spotify puts it all together for you, and you get a score of how much your tastes match for your troubles.

There are two ways this could go. You could either learn you and your besties love the same bops and have more in common than you could have ever imagined, or you’re about to find out your significant other has the worst taste in music and you are only 13 per cent compatible based on that alone. But, either way, it’s a very fun feature and here’s how to use it.

Here’s how to use Spotify Blend and create the playlist and the match score:

• To start a Spotify Blend, go to the “Made For You” section in the app and “Create a Blend” should be an option. Alternatively, you can search for “Blend” and click on it as a genre and you will be prompted to make the playlist from there.

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• You will then be asked to invite a friend for who you want to share the playlist with – Blends are designed to be between just two people.

• When they accept, Spotify does all the work. It creates a playlist full of both of your favourite songs, and any mutual favourite bops that you both love. It also updates with new songs daily.

• To see how compatible your music taste is, click the header of the new playlist and it takes you to a little story video with your percentage similarity and some other highlights, like the songs you both love.

All done!

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