Only a true Friends fan will get full marks on this obscure character trivia quiz

How well do you really know Gunther?

Friends would be nothing without its obscure supporting characters. Sure the main six are great but the show would have been pretty boring without Janice, Richard, Emily, Carol, Susan and of course Gunther. But how well do you know the obscure characters? It’s time to find out with our trivia quiz.

Over 10 seasons of Friends there were many supporting characters, from boyfriends, girlfriends, bosses to parents, they really had it all. However some of them just stick in your mind and stay with you. Who could forget Janice’s iconic one liner? Or Gunther’s constant love of Rachel? Or Frank Jr’s weird obsession with melting stuff?

If you’ve watched every episode then you should have no problem knowing some trivia about these key figures of Friends.

To really test your Friends fan knowledge take our obscure character trivia quiz here:

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