dolly alderton's tv series cast

Introducing the cast of Dolly Alderton’s ‘Everything I Know About Love’ BBC series

Can the show just come out now please?

The cast for the adaptation of Dolly Alderton’s Everything I Know About Love has finally been announced and it looks phenomenal. Dolly’s 2018 memoir is being transformed into a BBC drama series which will feature Bel Powley and Emma Appleton in the lead roles.

The seven part series is being adapted by Dolly into a drama series that tells the story of two best friends Maggie and Birdy who move to London in their early 20s in 2012, only for Birdy to end up with a boyfriend.

The official synopsis of the series reads: “Maggie and Birdy, besties since school, finally land in London to live it large, when the unexpected happens – dependable Birdy gets a steady boyfriend. A generous, funny, warm-hearted and uplifting Sex & The City for millennials which covers bad dates and squalid flat-shares, heartaches and humiliations, and, most importantly, unbreakable female friendships.”

dolly alderton's series cast

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Emma Appleton, who is most well known for her part as Princess Renfri in Netflix’s The Witcher, will be playing the character of Maggie, who is based on Dolly.

The role of Birdy will be played by Bel Powley who is known for her iconic role in M.I. High amongst other works.

The rest of the cast has also been announced and includes Marli Siu playing the role of Nell and Jordan Peters playing the role of Neil. The BBC adaptation will also feature a variety of new talent who will be making their TV debuts including Aliyah Odoffin, Connor Finch and Ryan Brown.

The series was announced in May earlier this year with Dolly taking on the role of scriptwriter and China Moo-Young directing the series.

Dolly and China both said they were thrilled with the cast for the show. Filming is expected to begin soon in Manchester and London and will air on BBC One next year.

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