Meet Keely Hodgkinson: The record-breaking Olympian who’s still a student in Leeds

She loves a girly cocktail night

In terms of places to go to university, Leeds isn’t especially known for promoting a lifestyle of health and fitness. But Keely Hodgkinson has bucked the trend, copping herself a silver medal at the Olympics and setting a British record for good measure.

The 19-year-old runner is a student at Leeds Beckett University, and following her triumph in the women’s 800m final, everyone’s become just a little bit obsessed with her.

Here’s everything we know about Keely, including what she likes to get up to in her spare time.

Keely Hodgkinson studies criminology at Leeds Beckett

Wigan-born Keely has honed much of her athletic talent while at university.

Head athletics coach at Leeds Beckett, Andrew Henderson, told BBC: “To see an athlete that trains at your facility who you know crossing the finishing line is just fantastic.”

Away from the track, Keely is studying for a degree in criminology.

She loves a night out with the girls

Keely basically proves that you can enjoy a night out on the town and still finish on the podium for an Olympic event. At least, that’s what I’m going to tell myself to justify my drinking.

There’s every chance you might bump into her sipping a fruity cocktail at any one of Leeds’s finest drinking establishments.

She’s even partial to a VK from time to time.

Keely relishes the chance to get away on holiday

Despite Keely’s busy schedule, she loves a holiday, uploading snaps to Insta from her trips to Spain, Portugal and Sweden, among other places.

What’s next for Keely?

Following her record-winning race, Keely revealed how she wants to celebrate.

She plans to have “guilt-free night in a club” and wants to go to Old Trafford to “sit in one of the posh seats.”  She definitely deserves it!

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