Gold medals all round: Meet the hottest men competing in this year’s Olympics

I’d just like to thank whoever made skateboarding an Olympic sport

The Olympic Games 2020 are in full swing in Tokyo and whilst we might not be winning every medal going, one thing we can all enjoy is the serious eye candy every country is providing right now. In case you’d hadn’t noticed the Olympians are seriously fit. And yes obviously they’re fit in a healthy sense but also in the very thirsty sense of I’ll watch every water polo game despite no understanding of the sport level fit.

Team GB is naturally providing some quality men like Tom Daley and Max Whitlock. But then there’s also the fitties of USA, Russia, Spain and Tonga to admire.

And thanks to the addition of skateboarding as an Olympic sport it means this year we’ve actually got some very vibey guys to watch, including Jagger Eaton who competed with his AirPods in the whole time.

These are the fittest men competing in this year’s Olympics:

Tom Daley

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Instagram handle: @tomdaley

He was our collective crush from the age of 11 and more than 10 years on he’s still just as fit. Earlier this week after four Olympic Games and more than 20 years of diving Tom finally achieved a gold medal and looked just as good doing it.

Tom is now loved up with his husband Dustin Lance Black and the two have a son together called Robbie. In his occasional spare time from diving training Tom knits and crochets and I don’t think I could love him more.

Caeleb Dressel

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Why is it the sports that involve water always seem to have the fittest guys? Caeleb Dressel is an American Olympic swimmer who has just won his second gold medal in Tokyo and set a new Olympic record.

He’s 24 years old and was born to a family of swimmers. Sadly he is now actually married to his longtime girlfriend and fellow swimmer Meghan Haila. The two were married in February in this year so I guess all we can do now is look at his arms.

Max Irving

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Seriously another water based sport, how are they all this attractive? Max Irving is a US water polo player and played the sport during college at UCLA, but has been playing since high school.

He’s 6″1 (c’mon you know it matters), has three siblings and his karaoke song of choice is 1,000 Miles by Vanessa Carlton.

Jagger Eaton

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Instagram handle: @jaggereaton

Yes he is indeed that Olympic skateboarder who skated with his AirPods in the whole time. He’s only 20 years old and has already secured himself a bronze medal. Not only that but he also competed with a broken ankle. WTF?

Given all the interest in what he was listening to whilst competing, Jagger has shared his playlist which includes songs by Travis Scott, Dr. Dre and A$AP Rocky.

Nyjah Huston

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Instagram handle: @nyjah

Look whoever added skateboarding to the Olympics needs a big old raise for their services. Nyjah Huston is a 26 year old skateboarder who happens to be the highest paid skateboarder in the world with a net worth of $12million.

He’s been winning championships since he was 10 years old and became a pro aged 11. Nyjah reckons he has around 200 tattoos and has hung out with Justin Bieber a few times.

Nyjah is currently in a relationship with Instagram model Alexa Adams who has nearly 500,000 followers.

Artur Dalaloyan

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Instagram handle: @real_artur

Artur Dalaloyan is responsible for easily the thirstiest video to come out of the Olympics so far. He’s a Russian gymnast who was part of the team who just won a gold medal at this year’s Olympic games.

He started doing gymnastics aged six and has gone onto win numerous medals around the world. Artur is engaged to his girlfriend Olga and they have a daughter together who was born in 2019.

Odei Jainaga

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Suddenly I’m very interested in javelin thanks to Spanish javelin athlete and Olympian Odei Jainaga. He’s the current Spanish record holder and is 23 years old.

He’ll be competing in the athletics next week so keep an eye out for him then. Odei has just over 7,000 Instagram followers and frequently posts half naked selfies, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Pita Taufatofua

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Instagram handle: @pita_tofua

Yes Pita is indeed the gorgeous oiled up man from the opening ceremony. Pita is from Tonga and competes in the Olympics for taekwondo and skiing. Two sports? Who is that athletic?

Pita is a UNICEF ambassador and also works as a motivational speaker when he’s not busy training. He’s worked as a model and has an engineering degree. Is there anything this man can’t do?

Max Whitlock

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Instagram handle: @maxwhitlock

Max Whitlock MBE has been a guaranteed fittie at the Olympics for a number of games and this year along with his teammates he came fourth in the Men’s Artistic Team All-Around.

Max recently celebrated his four year wedding anniversary with his wife Leah. The two have a daughter together called Willow who was born in 2019.

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