The Islanders will be shown FOOTAGE of what went down in Casa Amor in tonight’s episode


Tonight sees a twist in Love Island, as the villa is shown footage of their own antics to watch and enjoy… or really not enjoy, if your name is Millie or Jake.

Tonight the Islanders settle down for what they think is a wholesome movie night with popcorn, but what they actually end up watching is a lot more revealing. Jake gets a text letting the Islanders know they’ll be getting a movie night. It reads: “Islanders, tonight we are treating you to a night at the pictures. #madmovies #21stcenturycocks”

It’s girls vs boys as they compete to answer quiz questions, and the winning team gets to pick which movie clip they want to see. But they’re not seeing the latest Hollywood movie release. Instead, the Islanders are shown clips of themselves during their time in the villa. But what will the clips reveal? And who is left hoping the credits will roll?

Word on the street is that everything that happened in Casa Amor is about to be found out, and that Jake egging on all the boys to cheat on their girls will be on public display.

A TV gossip and news Twitter account said: “OMG IT’S HAPPENING !!! Tonight the Islanders are shown unseen videos of their time in the villa – one of which includes JAKE egging on the other boys to ‘cheat’ in Casa Amor – people are gonna be fumingggg”. 

And obviously on top of this we get to see which FOUR Islanders will be dumped tonight, out of Amy and Hugo, Tyler and Clarisse and Mary and Sam.


Love Island 2021 tonight sees villa shown footage from Casa Amor

via ITV

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