Love Island Gossip Column: Meet a new bombshell! Plus preview pics reveal who’s been dumped!

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Welcome to The Tab’s Love Island 2021 gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama, most scandalous rumours and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the web.

A new bombshell has been revealed!

New Islander alert! The Daily Mail is reporting that a student nurse is set to enter the villa at some point in the next week. Priya Gopaldas, 23, has spent the past week isolating in Mallorca ahead of her arrival on the ITV2 show, the publication says. A TV source told MailOnline: “Priya will turn heads for sure. She’s beautiful, intelligent and has a heart of gold. The guys will be scrambling over her if she gets the nod.”

The biggest Love Island news stories and the best gossip and rumours from the villa today including a preview of show tonight

via Instagram @priyagopaldas

Priya is a fifth year medical student at University College London and worked on the Covid-19 Intensive Care Unit earlier this year.

Tonight four Islanders will be dumped

Last night saw us teased with a public vote which has ended in three couples being left vulnerable. Those are: Hugo and Amy, Tyler and Clarisse and Sam and Mary. Tonight, we get to see which girl the boys saved and which boy the girls saved – therefore which four have been sent packing.

Speaking about the boys’ decision Teddy says: “It was a really hard decision because you’re all amazing girls.” Speaking for the girls, Faye says: “We can honestly say the villa wouldn’t be the same without him.”

The biggest Love Island news stories and the best gossip and rumours from the villa today including a preview of show tonight

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If you want some major spoilers for who leaves, keep reading. 👀

The Islanders get to see Casa Amor footage in tonight’s episode and it looks JUICY

Tonight sees a twist in Love Island, as the villa is shown footage of their own antics. They think they’re getting a movie night, but instead, the Islanders are shown clips of themselves during their time in the villa. Apparently it’s going to be clips from Casa Amor, and Jake will be exposed for egging on the boys to cheat.

The biggest Love Island 2021 news stories and the best gossip and rumours from the villa today including a preview of show tonight


Aaron and Sharon have been pictured getting very cosy

Dumped Islanders, Aaron and Sharon, have been pictured with their arms around each other as they left a restaurant together in Chelsea, London. Let’s just say, they look very, very close.

New couple alert or?

Toby wants him and Chloe to go official?!

Also in tonight’s episode, it looks like Toby and Chloe might actually be edging towards going official. Yes, really!! God I live for this chaotic duo, I really do.

Speaking to Jake, Toby says: “This is a relationship crash course, learning everything you’d learn in five years in literally weeks.” As he considers making it official or not he adds: “Having that label is massive. It’s scary.” Jake replies: “All I’m going to say to you is having a girlfriend is fucking brilliant. Everything at your own pace. We’re in here to find love.”

And it seems they’re not the only ones. Faye and Teddy are also discussing labels. Faye admits to Teddy: “This morning I had a bit of a wobble. I feel like, it’s just very scary the thought of the elephant in the room of the ‘g’ word. And I just feel like at that point of the ‘g’ word coming out, my automatic defence mechanism is to find every reason as to why not to be, rather than why to be.”

Faye adds: “I know why to be, but I would be mortified if you asked me to be your girlfriend the way Jake did with Lib.” Teddy replies: “I wouldn’t ever do that, it’s not my style.” Faye admits: “I need to stop worrying about the future that hasn’t happened yet and just be here and present with you now.”

Kaz’s family have been receiving racist abuse

Kaz Kamwi’s family have spoken out about the racist abuse they have received since she has been on the show. On her Instagram, a post was made which read: “Morning guys, Kaz’s family and friends here. We understand that a lot of you love watching the show and that people will have differing opinions. However this does not excuse the vulgar racist abuse we have been receiving on her account. Please remember to always #BeKind.”

via ITV

Aaron wasn’t surprised by Liam’s behaviour in Casa Amor

Aaron has spoken about whether or not he’s surprised by Liam’s antics with Lillie in Casa Amor, and surprisingly he is less than shocked. Speaking to Digital Spy, Aaron said: “I know what he’s about. I know he’s Mr Ibiza and I know he loves a flirt. When he sees a pretty girl, he kinda loses himself a little bit. But I kinda thought he’d stick to Millie. I think I do forget sometimes that he is only 21 cause he acts so mature, he doesn’t look 21.

“He kinda lost his composure a little bit with Lillie, and it’s a shame. I hope he can wrap things up with Millie, honestly. He does like her and I think, from this, he’ll realise how much he does like her. Hopefully he can show her that and rebuild. He was definitely egged on by Jake. When you’re on a lads holiday… he wanted to get involved. It’s understandable. It’s lonely in there and you just wanna crack on. And he did, he really, really did.”

Noah Schnapp slid into Lucinda’s DMs?!

Dumped Islander Lucinda has revealed that a certain Netflix star has slid into her DMs since she left the villa. Speaking on Capital Breakfast show, she said that Noah Schnapp from Stranger Things has messaged her telling her how much he loves her. “He’s so lovely,” she said. “I think he’s like 16 and he was like ‘I love you’ and I was like ‘I love you!'”

A preview pic for tonight reveals which Islanders have been dumped



Here’s a picture of the Islanders tonight settling in for their revealing movie night. I’m saying nothing, but if you look carefully you can see who is missing. 👀

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