Love Island has been ‘moving mad’ this week and here are 30 memes to prove it

No please don’t get back with your cheating ex, you’re too sexy aha x

This week, Love Island saw the end of Casa Amor and the start of the men attempting to explain why, actually, it was okay for them to kiss other women whilst they were away. The word “test” has been used like it’s a primary school game of “bogeys” and we’ve already started to see the start of some seriously romantic gestures, such as writing a rhyming couplet on some kitchen roll.

However, whilst the men of Love Island continue to disappoint, the Twitter memes certainly do not. From collective rage at Liam’s treatment of Millie, to a new-found obsession with everyone’s favourite villain, Toby, the memes are so good that I’m praying the Twitter challenge happens any day now.

Here are the best reactions to the mess currently taking place in Majorca:

1. The villa is carnage and one man needs to pay

2. Starting to prefer sparkling water to Jake and that’s saying something

3. Gaslighting? That’s a long word babe X

4. The phrase ‘lad’s holiday’ sends me into fight or flight mode

5. What do you mean it’s too late for Jake to leave and Liberty to find someone new and win the £50k?

6. Okay but that was possibly the best TV I’ve ever seen

7. Not everyone was impressed by Liam’s romantic gesture

8. Liam was born in 2000 and it really shows

9. Don’t fall for it Millie, it’s all downhill from here

10. Millie’s necklace breaking is somehow Liam’s fault, don’t ask me how

11. I hope Toby’s back isn’t hurting too much from carrying this series

12. Toby is actually the people’s prince if you think about it

13. No-one is safe from Toby’s wandering eye

14. Who was it that said they always come back?

15. Forget Pretty Little Thing, Toby needs a Netflix deal asap

16. On the other hand, I think Hugo must be on his half-term holiday

17. I know it’s reality TV but it’s starting to hit a bit close to home

18. Faye and Teddy are, of course, excluded from this narrative

19. 99 problems but Faye and Teddy ain’t one

20. If Teddy is lawful good, I’m about to become the most law-abiding citizen you will ever meet

21. Kaz I love you, but a crumb of self-awareness please

22. What is it with the accent please?

23. If I can’t chirpse Millie myself, buying her entire range is a close second

24. This man’s going to need some brand deals because I fear for his law career after this

25. Is Toby actually just a year nine boy in disguise?

26. Why am I more invested in their relationships than my own dating life?

27. This recoupling could be pure violence

28. How long until Toby starts moving mad on Mabel?

29. Nothing will ever beat Anton’s reaction to Craig David

30. Love island producers: If you’re reading this, I’m asking for one thing

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