coital alignment technique

Ok so what is the coital alignment technique from Netflix’s Sex/Life?

Billie and Brad make it look very enjoyable 👀

Netflix’s latest steamy show Sex/Life features a lot of sex and a whole mix of positions, but one has really captured the attention of the internet – the coital alignment technique.

The position is first mentioned in episode five of the new series. The show is about a married housewife named Billie who whilst having the seemingly perfect marriage she is actually deeply fantasying about her ex-boyfriend Brad, who she had incredible sex with.

During the show there are various flashback scenes to their sexual escapades including intense positions, wild locations and a whole host of fun. One position Billie and Brad try out is the coital alignment technique.

In the moment Billie describes the position, similar to missionary, as “when done right, it provides the ultimate connection – both physical and emotional”. But is it an actual position and how do you do it?

What is the coital alignment technique or CAT?

The coital alignment technique is an alternation on the traditional missionary position and is all about clitoral stimulation. It’s thought to be created by sex researcher Edward Eichel who created it to help those who struggle to orgasm with just vaginal penetration alone.

And Billie is actually right, the position is meant to improve connections all round. The aim of the position of is to improve male and female “sexual compatibility” by aligning the two bodies together.

The position combines both vaginal and clitoral stimulation to “rock” the person on the bottom.

Ok so how do I do the coital alignment technique?

This position is originally designed for penile-vaginal intercourse but can be tried by two people with vaginas.

In order to do the position one person lies on their back with their legs slightly parted. The other person then lies on top between their partner’s legs just like normal missionary.

However to make it into the CAT position the top partner needs to alter their position so they are “riding high” and their chest is aligned with the bottom person’s shoulders. The top partner can then rest their weight on the bottom partner thus reducing the space between the couple.

You can then start to rock slowly, this will allow for slight vaginal penetration and for the shaft to rub against the clitoris.

It’s often recommended using a pillow below the bottom partner’s pelvis in order to tilt them up higher.

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