Quiz: Which of the Too Hot To Handle season two cast would be your bestie?

You just KNOW Melinda would be your ride-or-die best friend

Too Hot To Handle is all about forming deep, emotional relationships without getting physical, but one of the things THTH season two really showed us is the great friendships that form on the show. Melinda, Carly, Larissa and Emily are the ultimate girl gang and you could only dream of running into them in the club toilets.

Melinda would always tell you what you really need to hear, no questions asked. Emily would bring the fun on the night out, Larissa would hype you up and let you use her fancy lipgloss, and Carly would be right there crying in the toilets with you.

But if the Netflix show is anything to go by, the Too Hot To Handle boys would make great besties too. Cam would be there downing pints with you on every single trip to the pub, Chase would find all the biggest and best nights out, and Peter would make TikToks of the whole thing. Oh, and Marvin could introduce you to his fit French mates, so honestly what more could you want?

Regardless of who your bestie was, you know that with any of the contestants you’d have a damn good time. But which iconic Too Hot To Handle season two contestant would be your best mate? Take this quiz to find out:

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