Quiz: Which iconic reality TV couple are you and your partner?

We can’t all be Molly-Mae and Tommy

Over the years there’s been a number of reality TV couples we’ve all become collectively obsessed over. Whether they’re the power couple we all want to be, like Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury or the choatic couple who create meme worthy content like Sam Thompson and Zara McDermott, there’s no end to the many reality TV couples. But which of these are you and your partner most like?

Are you the soul mates who will be having grandkids one day like Alex and Olivia? Or are you the hot new couple who can’t keep their hands off each other like Too Hot To Handle’s Emily and Cam? To truly decide your couple alter-ego, we’ve created a quiz that will see if you’re more Luke T and Siânnise or Molly-Mae and Tommy.

Answer 10 questions that ask about your typical dates and how often you argue to truly find out which you’re most like. You might think you’re Olivia and Alex but let’s be honest you’re probably more like Sam and Zara.

Which reality TV couple are you and you partner? Take this quiz to find out:

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