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These are the jobs most likely to get you onto Love Island

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It’s easy to forget Love Islanders had jobs before they joined the show. Now it’s only ever Boohoo contracts, sponsored ads and the occasional spin off show if they’re lucky. But all the Islanders actually had pretty normal jobs before they entered the Majorcan villa. There’s been doctors, models and of course plenty of personal trainers. However certain professions are more likely to get you into the villa than others.

Business comparison experts Bionic have worked out which exact jobs are a sure fire ticket to a summer of cracking on in Love Island. They’ve calculated the number of previous contestants with those jobs and therefore the percentage chance of getting on the show if you also have that job.

These are the jobs and industries most likely to get you onto Love Island:

10. Real estate

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There’s been a few real estate agents on the show in the last few years with current Islander Faye having left her real estate job in Devon to take part in the show.

Other real estate agents include Harley Brash and George Day.

9. Student

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Students are pretty common on Love Island, who wouldn’t want a summer of love and fun instead of another boring internship? Montana, Tina Stinnes, Georgia Steel, Niall Aslam and Eve and Jess Gale are some of the students who have appeared on the show throughout the years.

In the current cast there’s one student, Liberty, who is studying marketing at Birmingham City. However students don’t really do well on the show in the long run, with only an estimated five per cent chance of winning. Maybe better off sticking with the degree?

8. Office worker

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This is pretty generic term so there has been plenty of office workers over the last few years of Love Island including Olivia Bowen who was a sales executive before she came on the show.

There’s been nine previous office workers and they have a five per cent chance of winning the show.

7. Hospitality

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Hospitality is a classic industry for Islanders to work in, there’s always a club promoter popping up. This year it’s Aaron who works in VIP hosting and in previous years we’ve had Dani Dyer who worked behind a bar before the show and Scott Thomas who worked as a club promoter.

They have a slightly better chance of winning Love Island with a whole six per cent.

6. PT

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Honestly it’s not Love Island if a personal trainer doesn’t come in and cause some serious drama. There’s been 13 personal trainers in the last seven seasons including Adam Collard, Alex Beattie, Anton Danyluk and Rykard Jenkins.

For all their athletic dedication they only have a seven per cent chance of winning the show.

5. Performer

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Over the years there’s been a number of performers in Love Island. There’s been Cara Delahoyde who was a circus performer, Amber Davies a dancer, Samira Mighty a theatre performer and last year’s winner Paige Turley who is a singer.

Being a performer gives you the best odds at winning the show with a 25 per cent chance thanks to three of the previous winners Cara, Amber and Paige. I really need to change careers.

4. Hair and beauty

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Working in the hair and beauty industry is a pretty good way to get yourself onto Love Island. The show has previously seen 15 contestants come from the industry with two, Amber Gill and Kem Cetinay, ending up as winners.

Making other people look beautiful for a living will give you a 17 per cent chance of winning Love Island.

3. Athlete

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Over the years there’s been 16 athletes to walk through the villa doors, naturally Ovie will always be the fittest of them. Being an athlete gives you a 17 per cent chance of winning the show due to two previous winners – Greg O’Shea and Max Morley.

Greg was a professional rugby player and season one winner Max was a professional cricket player.

2. Tradie

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Since Love Island first began there’s been 17 trades people to go on the show, making it the second most popular profession for Islanders.

It will give you a small chance of winning of eight per cent thanks to previous winner Nathan Massey. Other tradies who appeared on the show are Alex Bowen, Callum Jones and current Islander Liam Reardon.

1. Model

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And unsurprisingly the most popular job that will get you into Love Island is being a model. It’s as if the show is made for attractive people?

There’s been 32 models across the seven series including Maura Higgins, Megan Barton-Hanson, Shannon Singh, Rebecca Gormley, Danny Williams and Tom Walker.

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