So many young people tried to get vaccines that the booking site crashed

All they know is X Factor reaction memes

Yesterday is was announced that coronavirus vaccines would be offered to 25-29-year-old starting from today. Joyous news which sparked excitement and energy everywhere.

Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, informed the House of Commons with the latest update, saying 25-29-year-olds will receive text messages asking them to book their jabs.

A lot of them were excited and proved how old they are by reacting to the news the only way they know how, with X Factor Over 25s category memes and Glastonbury festival references.

However, this morning the site crashed, thousands of young people are being told they’re not actually eligible for the jab yet and others are being thrown into a queue with over 11,000 people. Which, if we’re completely honest, has damped the mood quite a bit but it didn’t stop the production of those X Factor memes.

People on Twitter are sharing reports of how long they’re having to wait before they can book their jabs, only to be told they’re not eligible.  One person tweeted “Waited 15 minutes in the queue for the NHS booking website system for the vaccine only to get this. Now the queue is over 5000 people – will all these people be hit by the same message?”

Attached to the Tweet is a screenshot from the NHS website saying this person is “not currently eligible to book through this service”.


Since the start of this pandemic, young people have been forced into thinking they are the problem in this pandemic. And according to the government, young people need to “do their bit” and get the vaccine.

But the reality is, a week ago thousands of us queued outside Twickenham stadium for hours trying to get vaccinated and just this morning, a load of us crashed an entire system trying to book our first jab.

The Tab recently conducted a survey that revealed over 94 per cent of young people want the vaccine. And the 25-29 age bracket is no different, we can see that from the large queues causing the system to crash – our demand for the vaccine is high.

Anyway, once you get used to all the poor X Factor reaction memes and queuing for Glastonbury tickets references, there are some pretty good reactions out there. Here are the best ones:


Ffs who let the 29-year-olds on Twitter???

The Over 25s group on X Factor was the worst one, soz x

Make it make sense please, NHS

Jokes on you Matt Hancock, 3749462 is my lucky number anyways

Why is 25-29-year-old humour capped at this quality?


Hope you get a ticket xx


I hate to say it, Mr Hancock, but we told you so


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