We asked girls: How low is your bar set for men?

‘The bar is so low he only ever invited me round and wanted to see me after midnight, but I was just glad to spend time with him’

Ok, so we all know not to expect too much from men. But has it gone too far? We have the ability to set our own standards for how we expect to be treated. We are in control of our own destinies. But damn, that bar gets lower every day. It’s basically on the floor at this point.

He’s using you, but he’s using you. Why are we like this?

We wanted to find out once and for all just how low our expectations have dropped, so we asked girls just how low is your bar set for men?

‘The bar is so low that when he called me a stupid slag because I wouldn’t sleep with him, I took it as a compliment he wanted to sleep with me that bad’

There’s a compliment in there somewhere, right?

‘The bar is so low he told me that if he was using me, he would use me more often. And I thought that was sweet’

Girl, literally not trying to be dramatic or anything but apparently you have a BOYFRIEND.

‘The bar is so low that he waited 15 minutes before we were due to meet up to cancel on me. I was just glad that he actually told me this time’

Do men not realise the prep that goes into a date? Fake tan, shaving, hair and makeup – to name a few! But hey, at least he had the decency to actually let you know – even if you were on your way.

‘The bar is so low that whenever a boy is on time for a date I think that it’s sweet and considerate’

The bar has really gotten so low that basic human decency and respect is considered sweet. In her defence, she has once waited for a guy for half an hour in the rain. But, guess what? She still agreed to a second date.

‘The bar is so low that he only ever wanted to see me after midnight, but I was just glad to spend time with him’

Any time is quality time, am I right ladies?

‘The bar is so low I thought that it was normal to be in the talking stage for three years’

Maybe he just really wants to get to know you before he makes any big commitments. Sweet if you ask me.

‘The bar is so low that when he invited me over instead of having sex in the car I felt special’

Bonus points if he actually has a duvet set and pillows when you go round, because apparently that’s something we should be proud of too?

‘The bar is so low that one time I went back to a guy’s house, even after he told me how great this other girl was’

Ok, but which girl was he inviting back to his house? There’s a blue sky behind every cloud, girl, take what you can.

If you were to ask me a few years ago I’d have thought that mutual respect should be the bare minimum in a relationship. Now, I’m not so sure.

‘The bar is so low that even though he was dating someone else, I was happy that he wanted to still see me’

Second best but at least you’re a best x

‘The bar is so low that once a lad left some water by the bed for me and I thought that was the most thoughtful thing in the world’

Are you trying to tell me it’s not?

‘The bar is so low that if they text me back within a week I think that they care about me’

They just don’t go on their phones that much. Swear. Correction: unless it’s to talk to their mates or like other girls’ instas.

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