VOTE: It’s time to decide once and for all, which UK accent is the hottest?

Is it getting hot in here or is it just the different regional UK accents?

On a worldwide scale, the British accent is considered one of the sexiest. But if you live on this silly little island then you’ll realise we have so many more accents to offer other than the boring southern one.

Geordie accents are friendly but who cares about friendliness??? We want to know which accent is going to make us want to take our clothes off and jump into bed. Could someone from Lancashire turn you on? Or would you think you’re about to get frisky with Peter Kay? What about the classic “Rah where’s my baccy” Surrey accent?

Take our poll at the end of this article and have your say on which UK accent is officially the hottest.

Here’s a rundown of some contenders:


Ah, Birmingham. Home of Allison Hammond and Cadbury World. But is it the accent you want to hear whisper sexy things in your ear? Probably not.

On one hand it has Peaky Blinders – on the other hand it has “baby” being pronounced as “babby”.

West Country/Cornish

This accent screams “My Uncle is a fishmonger and watches Poldark” – which, if it’s not obvious to you, isn’t hot at all.


It’s a mediocre accent for a mediocre city. The way they roll “alright me lover” straight off their tongue is unsettling. It’s an odd accent which makes me think of Skins and those two old women from Gogglebox.


Warm, sexy and good at making cups of tea. What else could you want?


Having a conversation with someone from Newcastle is like getting a hug from a big friendly bear. If you’re lucky, they’ll call you “pet” and you’ll fall in love. But it is WAY too friendly to be hot.


Easily the sexiest of the North and if you don’t believe me then just listen and look at Andy Burnham. He’s sexy and hates the Tories.


One of the worst accents, it’s too RAH WHERE’S MY BACCY and PASS ME MY NORTHY. Not hot at all.


A good mix of Liverpool and Manchester. It’s endearing like scouse and has a solid chance of being sexy like Manchurian.


Like the rest of us, you’ve questioned why you find the Scottish accent so sexy a few times.

The Edinburgh accent is smooth and flattering, once you hear it you know the owner of it would treat you RIGHT.

South Wales/Valleys

Smooth like butter. Charming and kind of like they’re singing to you. It’s a hot one for sure.


Fit from a distance but if you get too close for too long then it starts to grate. Not massively hot either, it’s endearing at times, but it would be very painful to listen to for more than half an hour when sober.

Queen’s English

Look, I hate Tories as much as the next person but you’ve gotta admit there is a time and place for a posh accent.

Northern Irish

Jamie Dornan made this accent hot. He’s the one we should thank. Just like a cold pint of Guinness, it’s silky and stunning.


The Essex accent sounds hot but automatically makes you think of a terrible shag because that’s exactly what you’ll be getting. You know exactly what I mean, the kind where he finishes super early and leaves you high and dry.


This is one of the UK’s more recognisable accents, it sticks out like a sore thumb. It’s thicker than Edinburgh and a lot of famous people have it.

Its aggressive sound reminds me of hairy men who do manual jobs but at the same time I can’t help but think about Fat Bastard from Austin Powers.


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