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Who is Candice and why is she getting memed so hard on TikTok rn?


If you’re just as obsessed with TikTok as the rest of us, you will be more than aware of the Candice joke that is sweeping the app rn. However, for those that don’t know how the joke is originally supposed to play out, it can get pretty confusing when you see someone being baited into asking who Candice is, just for the person holding the camera to grin and turn black and white with *that* music. In fact, I can’t imagine how these videos look without knowing what the punchline is.

So, what is the Candice joke on TikTok? Why does everyone want to know who Candice is? And are there any other funny bait jokes that I can totally PUNK my friends with? Here’s everything you need to know about the Candice joke on TikTok.

@phogangmike😩😩😩 #candice #4u #foryou♬ original sound – PhogangMike

What is the Candice joke on TikTok?

Essentially, the whole thing started as a joke – and here’s how it plays out.

You bait someone into asking you who Candice is by telling them that you know someone by that name. Perhaps it’s telling your SO that you’re hanging out with Candice this weekend, or you’re trying to remind your parents about your friend Candice from school.

Whatever it is, when they inevitably ask you who this “Candice” is, you tell them: “Candice dick fit in your mouth!” or something equally HILARIOUS to that effect.

Naturally, this whole process has become too obvious to be a funny meme, and so the whole thing has evolved to a new meme format in which people now get their victim to ask who Candice is, before staring into the camera, turning black and white and adding some creepy music. Like so:

@ehmyrI’m sorry little one… #candice #deez #myra ft. @megadck♬ top ten anime deaths – gecgecgecgecgecgec

Hook, line and sinker. For everyone else who is immature enough to find these kinds of jokes funny (myself very much included), here are several other similar epic pranks to pull on your friends:

  • Tell someone your first name is “Deez”, and then when they ask for your surname say “Nuts”.
  • Ask someone if they smell “Updog”. When they ask “what is Updog?” you say: “Not much, what about you?”
  • “Do you know Kenma? Kenma nuts fit in your mouth?”

Totally unfunny. And immature.

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