This scientific test definitively tells you which Twilight character you are most like

Just as long as it’s not Bella

A new personality test has been created which can finally and definitively tell you which character from Twilight you are most like. Since the film was released, you’ve definitely at least once wondered which person you’re most like, and probably dreaded the thought that it could be Bella. So now is your chance to find out.

IDRlabs has created the fully scientific test, which asks you questions about what you are like as a person and how you behave in certain social situations and then how this compares to the characters in the film. IDRlabs has previously given us the “difficult person test”, which tells you how hard you are to get on with, and both have been going viral with people sharing their results.

The test website says that, unlike other Twilight character tests and quizzes that are readily available online, the present test was constructed using genuine psychometric items and was influenced by classic personality theories. It was made by professionals, and yes, is actually based on real-life science.

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Here’s how to take the Twilight character personality test:

• Go to IDRlabs Twilight Character test.

• You’ll then be asked to answer 35 quick questions about your personality and behaviour, by selecting if you agree or disagree with the statement put in front of you.

• You will then be presented with your result in the form of a chart, showing you what percentage each character your personality matches.

• If you strongly match one character in particular, you’ll be given a paragraph about what your results say about you, and how you are as a person.

• You can then share your results, unless you’re too embarrassed and get completely outed as being an awful person, of course.

So are you a natural born leader like Jacob? Or reserved and hard to understand like Bella? Sorry in advance if you do get Bella, or Edward to be honest, nobody wants that. Take the test here. 

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