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How to change your Netflix profile icon: An easy step by step guide

Just want the Duke of Hastings to greet me every time I open the app

Netflix has just released a new set of profile icons following the launch of their latest drama show Shadow and Bone. And now all I want is a profile icon with Ben Barnes aka General Kirigan’s face on it. But how do you actually change your Netflix icon? This is our easy step by step process.

It’s actually super simple to change your Netflix icon and there’s a variety of images of characters from loads of Netflix shows. Bridgerton, The Crown and Stranger Things are just some of the shows you can pick a character from. And who wouldn’t want to see The Duke every time they open Netflix?

The process is really quick and doesn’t vary much between desktop and mobile, but here’s your guide for both:

This is how to change the Netflix icon on a desktop:

1. Open Netflix.

2. Click “Manage Profiles”.

3. Select your profile by hovering over it and selecting the pencil tool.

4. In the top left hand corner will be the option to click on your icon.

5. Scroll through the options and choose from a plethora of icons.

6. Select the one you want, it will then give you the option to change.

7. Select “Let’s Do It” to change it and then click “Save” when you return to your profile.

This is how to change the Netflix icon on a mobile:

1. Open Netflix.

2. Click the “Edit” button in the top right hand corner.

3. Select your profile and click on it.

4. It will say “Change” below your icon, select this.

5. Scroll through the options and pick a new one or a previous one you’ve used which is listed under “History”.

6. Click “Save” and “Done” and that’s literally it.

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