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This is what the First Dates Hotel is really like, by someone who stayed there

The bar where Merlin serves drinks doesn’t exist 😱

First Dates Hotel is back with cute pairings, cringe moments and of course the beaut hotel in Italy that is giving us all serious FOMO as we’re not able to travel. However it turns out whilst the hotel in Italy is just as stunning in real life, there are some key differences from the show, and not just because Fred isn’t there.

Travel TikToker Amy En Voyage travelled to the gorgeous Italian hotel Aquapetra Hotel and Resort in Telese and revealed all the differences between the actual hotel and the show.

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Amy En Voyage is a TikToker who has over 25,000 followers and regularly posts videos of the nicest places to travel. And her video about the First Dates Hotel has had over 200,000 views with so many people keen to see the actual hotel and these are all the key differences:

There’s no bar or snug area by the pool

On the show we regularly see guests have a drink at the pool bar or get to know their dates a bit more intimately on the snug areas. However according to Amy the hotel doesn’t actually have these during regular times.

And a quick look on the hotel’s website confirms this is true as there is a distinct lack of the cosy snug area.

The reception is actually a bar

When guests first turn up at the hotel they’re greeted by the lovely Michela Contini at the check in desk. But in reality this isn’t the reception at all, it’s actually just a bar.

And honestly looking at it now, I’m shocked we didn’t see it before, it just gives off such bar vibes.

Merlin’s bar isn’t real!

Everyone’s favourite bartender Merlin is there behind the bar giving the guests drinks to calm their nerves and some quality advice.

However when regular guests attend the hotel the actual bar doesn’t exist and I will never get over this.

It’s not decorated as much

On the show the path from the hotel room to the restaurant and pool is heavily decorated with lanterns, flowers and all the cute things. But in reality it’s much more bare but still looks pretty lovely.

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