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Take a look inside the new First Dates restaurant in Manchester

The food looks beautiful

In case you weren’t paying attention in the last few episodes, First Dates has completely up and left from its usual London residence, now operating from a brand new bar in Manchester. Although the team of waiters and waitresses is mostly the same and Fred is still front of house to entertain guests as they come and go, we’re now watching people try and find love at The Refinery, a cocktail bar and restaurant in Spinningfields.

Although we can catch glimpses of the restaurant from the show, what does The Refinery actually look like and what kind of food do they serve? Well, here’s a deep dive into everything you need to know about First Dates’ new home.

First off, the Refinery in Manchester has a score of four out of five on TripAdvisor, where the majority of people seem to rave about its brunch offering, in particular the scotch egg, which looks… ridiculously good.

Prices seem pretty typical of an upmarket city-centre bar, with mains priced from £10.5o (mac and cheese) up to £22.95 (sirloin steak). Moving onto drinks, they have a bible full of cocktails priced around the £10 mark which all look very pleasant, whilst their most expensive wine is a £95 rosé.

Moving onto the interior decor, the place is fully kitted out with modern bar furniture, decorative ornaments sat upon storage pieces and a particularly jazzy floor pattern.

If being cooped up inside somehow isn’t your idea of fun given the current blistering weather (not that we’re even able to go to restaurants currently anyway), you can venture out of the front doors where they’ve got a nice outdoor seating area.

You’d best get signing up for your next date in the Manchester First Dates restaurant.

Featured image credit: Channel 4

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