Ex-wives and savage insults: The most iconic First Dates moments of all time

They were so awks

There's something about First Dates which always creates quality telly. When the dates don't end in true love, awkward moments or absolute catastrophes are guaranteed every episode.

From fake scratch cards to being potential relatives, it's delivered iconic moments from the second Fred Sirieix came into our lives.

They even opened a hotel in Italy. Each and every one of these moments will make you never want to go on another date again. Enjoy.

Stuart bringing his ex wife to the date

Stuart turned up the the restaurant with his EX WIFE Mandy. Just why. Mandy's date then turned up and was introduced to Stuart at the bar before they both had their dates at tables next to each other.

Honestly, you could cut the awkwardness with a knife.

Harry kicking off because Rachel ordered fish

Harry was a vegan and he got offended when Rachel ordered fish at the restaurant. He even proceeded to ask for a vegan cider at the bar. When Rachel said she didn't eat a lot of meat, Harry even responded with 'I approve'.

Harry, get in the bin.

Emma and Will falling in love at first sight

In First Dates Hotel, Emma and Will were the perfect pairing and had the most romantic date. It was literal love at first sight and made all our hearts melt.

She wanted a Viking and she really got a literal viking. Wholesome and we love it.

Othello basically calling his date fat

Watching Othello accidentally call Juliette fat and then try and get out of it was the most cringe worthy, uncomfortable thing we've ever watched. Othello stop digging yourself a hole for everyone's sake.

Jordan and Will finding out they could be related

Jordan's date with William seemed to be going really well, until they found out they could be related. They shared the same surnames and their families came from the same part of Jamaica.

On top of that William looked exactly like her brother. Classic First Dates.

John asking Greig to leave because he didn't find him attractive

John returned to the table only to say he didn't find Greig attractive and asked Greig to leave so he could finish his dinner alone. Greig took it surprisingly well but it's painfully cringe.

Greig returned to First Dates and went on a date with Shaun. They're now married and we're so here for it.

Jem and Chloe pissing off the staff by saying 'spag bol'

It was all going so well until the staff didn't seem too happy about Spaghetti Bolognese being referred to as 'spag bol'. The waitress was very confused but insisted they'd make it specially for them.

Honestly, if looks could kill.

Esther finding out her 'date' is actually gay

Esther's date with Mark quickly fizzled out when she realised Mark was a gay ex-vicar. Mark said he wanted someone to 'share his bed with' before proceeding to explain he worked a vicar.

Until he met a man who 'made it impossible to pretend to be straight anymore'. Things got even worse when it turned out Mark wasn't even Esther's date.

Oh, Esther.

Joey Essex asking his date if she's had a boob job

Joey Essex is definitely the gift that keeps on giving. Not only was Joey's reaction to the waiter spilling the drink absolutely iconic, during his appearance on First Dates, Joey very confidently asked his date Lydia if she'd had a boob job. He even asked if she thought he was a ten or a nine.

Caroline breaking her top whilst trying to lift up her date

Lucy and Caroline were both keen on going to the gym and discussed how strong they both were. Caroline went to show off how strong she was by lifting Lucy up, her top broke.

It's okay though because Fred was around to help. Always our hero.

Merlin spraying whipped cream into his eyes

Honestly, no caption needed

Jade bailing on Lewis because he wouldn't share his food

Jade and Lewis started off really good but gradually, they realised they were more and more different. Jade was straight in trying to get a bite of Lewis' food and he was having none of it.

Jade then escaped and left the waitress to tell Lewis.

Vince and Anna realising they'd dated 20 years ago

Vince and Anna quickly realised that they knew each other and had even been on a date 20 years ago. He'd been to her house and they even shared a kiss. Turns out he still fancied her 20 years later.

Amazing Valentines Day content.

Josh fancying Cici instead of his actual date

Cici awkwardly flirted with Josh whilst he waited for his date. Sophia then awkwardly commented that Cici should give Josh her number without realising what had happened.

At the end of the date, Josh then said he wouldn't like to see Sophia again before saying it was because Cici 'had taken an interest in his art'. Lol okay Josh.

Georgia tricking Georgia into thinking she'd won 100K

Georgia was a personal trainer who had a fake scratchcard and made her date believe she had won 100K. She then told her right at the end of the date that it was all fake. Amazing.

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