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Only a British TV connoisseur is getting full marks in this iconic TV moments quiz

Enjoy the quiz, I hope it makes you very happy

Let’s be real here: Some of us are TV experts and some of us just aren’t. There are those upon us who quite simply have an encyclopaedic knowledge of iconic British TV moments and quotes, and if it was their specialist subject on Mastermind it would be a walk in the park.

So, do you think that’s you? Well you’re probably in the right place because I have a challenge for you. In the quiz below there are 15 questions all about, in my humble opinion, some of the top tier *chef’s kiss* moments in British TV that there have been in recent times. All you have to do to be named an expert? Score 12/15. But the real connoisseurs among us aren’t dropping a single mark.

Some of the questions are unforgettable quotes, whilst others are details from TV culture which should remain etched on your brain until the day you die. It’s time to see if you can really step up to the plate. Good luck.

Take this quiz to see if you can have the title of being an expert in iconic British TV moments:

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