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What is the I’m Busy challenge and why is James Charles flexing on us again?

But you called me?!

If celebrities know how to do one thing, it’s to flaunt their wealth and influence to all of their adoring fans – and the latest “I’m Busy” challenge does just that using nothing more than an iPhone. A trend that is highly comparable to that one where the Kardashians all sat in a group and stared at the FaceTime camera, the celebrity will essentially call each of their equally super famous celebrity chums only to immediately tell them that they’re busy – and the results are admittedly really good.

Now that the I’m Busy challenge is in full swing, every clout chasing celeb from James Charles to Justine Skye is getting involved, so let’s take a look through some of the best examples.

@jamescharlescalling my friends but then hanging up because I’m too busy♬ original sound – James Charles

James Charles likely produced the best example of the I’m Busy challenge, calling some big names to flaunt just how powerful he is. Amongst them were Lil Nas X, Jojo Siwa and Iggy Azalea, who all picked up the phone in various states of business – only to be told by James that in fact he was the busy one. Epic prank to say the least.

Kris Jenner is arguably the busiest person of them all, and by far gives the best reaction by sounding absolutely dumbstruck that James could call her only to announce that he is too busy to talk to her: “What… you’re busy?!”

The video has already rocketed to five million views and over one million likes since it was posted last night, and it’s the latest example of a trend that everyone and their dog wants to get involved with just so that they can show off their extensive phone contacts list.

What, you really want to see who else has done their own version? Okay, get ready for a whooole load of celebrities you forgot existed:

@vinnyguadagnino#imbusyrightnow featuring the cast of the @jerseyshore … 🤣 🤣 🤣♬ original sound – vinnyguadagnino

@justineskyeI’M SUPER BUSY! Pt. 1♬ original sound – justineskye

@justineskyeI’M SUPER BUSY Pt 2. #foryou♬ original sound – justineskye

This definitely won’t be the last of the awkward FaceTime pranks if these celebs have anything to do with it.

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