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Take this quiz to find out which Bridgerton family you truly belong in

I imagine it would be pretty fun being a Featherington

By now, practically everyone has watched Bridgerton on Netflix. It’s become officially the most watched Netflix series to date. One of the main themes of the series is the addictive posh family dramas – so of course, it’s only right that there should be a quiz to tell you which of the different Bridgerton families you would be in, and therefore which scandals would come part and parcel with that.

Are you destined for an elegant and talked about life with the Bridgertons? A fun and more scandalous being with the Featheringtons? Or maybe a scheming and gossipy life with the Cowpers? Or even a regal and pomp display of your existence with Queen Charlotte?

It’s time to find out once and for all. Answer the following 10 questions to find out which of the families from Bridgerton on Netflix is most your vibe.

The quiz below will tell you exactly which Bridgerton family you truly belong in:

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